Ways To Boost Virtual Team Bonding Without Affecting Productivity

Virtual team building is one of the best ways to enhance team productivity, cohesion, trust, and communication between them. Even though remote working has shown fruitful results, it makes the communication between the team members and leaders less effective and also reduces bonding. And it can also make the employees feel undervalued. But by using the virtual team bonding activities, comfortable team culture can be created among the team members, and also encourage and strengthen communication between the team members. The virtual team bonding enables the team members to become familiar with one another and have a meaningful relationship that makes all the members feel valued. Thus, to make this work more effectively, below are some of the best ways to boost virtual team bonding.

• Give Games Break

One of the best ways to boost virtual team bonding is to ensure that there is all work and no play environment in the office. You need to give the team members some off time during the working hours and make an interactive interaction with them through the video call mode. Among the remote workers, social activities should be encouraged. Employees should be motivated to meet up for an online game during the breaks to boost their mood.

• Promote E-Learning

Often while working remotely, the employees feel that they are lacking opportunities and also feel stagnant. Thus, in order to promote high morale among the employee’s e-learning should be encouraged. In e-learning, employees will get an opportunity to get hands-on training activity and enhance their skills and interact with other members in the training session, and feel motivated.

• Hosting Virtual Celebration

Another effective way for virtual team bonding is to hold virtual parties for the employees. While working from home, the employees will surely miss their birthday celebrations in their office organized by their colleagues and team members. Therefore, conducting the same celebrations for the team members will encourage their mood and also make them interact with others and strengthen the bond. And in this way, the team members will also feel that they are cared for by their team leaders.

• Appreciate The Work Done By The Employees

Another way to boosts the team bond in a virtual manner to appreciate the work done by the employees. When the management and team leader recognize and appreciate the work done by the employee it makes them feel more content and encouraged. 

The virtual meeting should be conducted between the team leader and provide positive feedback to the team members and recognize each member’s effort. This will help to keep the morale high among the employees and also encourage every team member to give a speech about how they had achieved the feat. Thus, the above are some of the best ways to boosts virtual team bonding among the team members. For virtual team bonding, Singapore can contact Action Teams who are a popular virtual team building agency that has more than 21 years of expertise in this field. We are expertise in both indoor and outdoor team building with icebreakers, retreat programs to encourage participation spirit among the team members. We will help you to create value within your company.

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