Ultimate Guide eCommerce web development on WordPress?

Are you the owner of an eCommerce store? Isn’t your store on the web? Are you planning to outsource your eCommerce web development on the web? Yes! This is the apt blog you should be reading right now.

In this chapter, we will discuss web development for eCommerce websites. In this time of the global pandemic, nature has shown us the path of employability of things from home. This has only increased the revenue of eCommerce platforms in the market. Now let us discuss some stats to prove our point.

According to Statista, “The U.S. B2C eCommerce market accounted for US$360 billion in 2019. Amazon.com heads the list of the online stores by net sales in the U.S. in 2019. Other large and prominent players on the U.S. market are e.g. walmart.com, apple.com, homedepot.com and bestbuy.com”.

The stats prove that there is large-scale competition among vendors to gain organic revenue. And, the market is rising to new heights every day. In such scenarios, web development i.e. web presence is the most critical part of launching an eCommerce store. You are not on the web, nobody knows you!

What is eCommerce web development?

eCommerce web development is the user interface(UI) development and user experience (UX)for an eCOmmerce website. Let us discuss the processes of eCommerce web development.

  1. Buy a domain: Do first things first. Buy a domain with a trending or popular keyword in it. This will help your customers remember your business name.
  2. Register to a hosting service: Do register to a hosting service. 
  3. Design your website: Design your website with light themes.

Now if you aren’t just ready and wanna test your capabilities, you can design your website for free. 

How to create your own website for free?

WordPress is a famous domain name provider and hosting service. You can build your website for free using amazing tools. If you have zero knowledge about website building, don’t worry! WordPress has got you covered with its guidelines and demo videos. I will recommend wordpress over other sources because it is an easy-to-use panel.

Four ways to excel at eCommerce Web Development?

There can be innumerable ways and strategies to excel in eCommerce Web Development. Let us discuss some of them.

  1. Start with redefining your primary goals

What are your primary goals of building the website? What are your precalculated pathways of success? All these questions should have an answer before you start your business.

  1. Choose a lighter theme

Choose a lighter theme. This increases the overall speed of your website. This technique helps you to rank your website in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

  1. Enable essential plugins

Install and enable essential eCommerce plugins like woocommerce.

  1. Optimize your product page as per SERPs and newest algorithm

Optimize your product description and fill them with keywords as per rules. And rules say, the density should be around 3-4%.

Conclusion: Final thoughts on eCommerce Web Development

The web presence of any website is as necessary as its existence. It is because people are spending less time in the real market than smart devices present in their proximity. Together with a good website design and a good speedy website, you can excel at eCommerce web development. What do you think about the necessities of eCommerce Web Development? Do comment.

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With over 60% of users checking Instagram daily, this platform is a great place to engage current and potential customers. But how can you make your content stand out on Instagram?

In this post, we’ll share nine types of creative Instagram posts, including:

Product teasers
User-generated content
Reviews and testimonials
Shoppable posts
Behind-the-scenes photos and videos
Puzzles, polls, and quizzes
Funny videos
Posts featuring pets

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Instagram post idea #1: Memes
If you want to share creative Instagram posts, consider using memes. Memes are a great way to make your brand relevant and connect with people through relatable content.

You can take popular memes and alter them to fit your brand and industry.

Take this example from Dollar Shave Club. The well-known brand used a meme to talk about moisturizers, a popular product they offer.

 A meme posted on Dollar Shave Club’s Instagram account

It’s a simple post, but it catches people’s attention because they recognize the meme. Not to mention, it’s a fun approach to talk about a product and the impact it has on consumers.

Instagram post idea #2: Product teasers
If you want to know what to post on Instagram, try sharing product teasers. Product teasers are a great way to get people interested in what’s coming next for your brand. You can increase engagement with your social posts by getting people excited and wondering what’s coming next.

Take this example from Lego. They shared a product teaser photo for their followers that got everyone excited about the new Lego set they were revealing.

 Instagram post of the Lego Friend’s TV show set

They didn’t show the entire product but instead gave a small teaser to get people buzzing and talking about the new product release. Then, a few days later, they posted the entire product to show their followers the new set.

 Lego sharing an Instagram post of their complete Friends apartment set

Product reveals are one of the best things to post on Instagram because they help you get your audience hyped up about new products you’re releasing and build anticipation until you release the product.

Instagram post idea #3: User-generated content
Another option for creative Instagram posts is to repost user content. User-generated content is a great way to showcase real people using your products. It helps people see how others use your products — it can also help serve as a testimonial or endorsement of your products that entice people to buy.

Target is a prime example of using user-generated content to promote the products they offer in their store.

Picture of a chair in Target’s store and posted on their Instagram

 Picture of Easter basket posted on Target’s Instagram page

They repost photos their brand lovers shared and use them as content to promote their brand.

Sharing user-generated content is a great way to boost engagement and get people interested in your products.

Instagram post idea #4: Reviews and testimonials
Posting reviews and testimonials is a great way to show your audience what people say about your business.

A great way to source feedback is to pull comments and posts from other platforms, like email, Facebook, or Twitter. You can then place this feedback on a colorful, brand-tailored background and post it on your Instagram.

Here’s a prime example from Billie on how you can take this approach:

 Feedback about Billie’s dry shampoo

Billie shared a testimonial of their dry shampoo from a customer who called it the “holy grail of dry shampoo.” They screenshotted the email and placed a background filled with Billie’s products.

Not only does this content serve as a testimonial, but it also helps bring some lightheartedness and fun to Billie’s content.

If you’re looking for new Instagram post ideas, highlighting feedback is a great place to start to help you promote your products in a fun way.

Bonus tip: If you opt to post feedback, try focusing on feedback that’s funny or uses interesting phrases (like “holy grail of dry shampoo”). This feedback will stand out more to your audience than the typical “I love this product” type of feedback.

Instagram post idea #5: Shoppable posts
Next on our list of what to post on Instagram is Shoppable posts. Shoppable posts are an excellent way for you to showcase your products and earn more sales at the same time.

 With Shoppable posts, you can add links to the products featured in your post to entice people to shop. Then, if someone sees a product they like, they can follow the link to purchase the product from your site.

You can see an example of this type of post from Lush:

 Shoppable Instagram content from Lush

 When you click on their photo, you can see a link pop up for the product featured in the image. Upon clicking on the link, it takes you to a page that provides you with more details about the product, like the price.

Shopping link for Lush’s bath bomb from Instagram

You can then click the link to go to Lush’s website and buy the product.

These Shoppable posts are an excellent way for you to increase product consideration and sales for your business, so you can ultimately drive more revenue.

Instagram post idea #6: Behind-the-scenes photos and videos
If you’re looking for more creative Instagram posts to create, try doing behind-the-scenes posts. Behind-the-scenes posts are a great way to provide your audience with insight into your business and team. You can give them a sneak peek that helps them feel more connected to your brand.

Here’s a great example from one of Chick-fil-A’s franchises. In this example, they highlighted a team member winning one of their scholarships.

Photo of a girl getting an award at Chick-fil-A

In another example, they highlighted a member of their team and shared some interesting facts about that team member.

 Phot of a worker at Chick-fil-A

These posts help you get to know who’s working at this local Chick-fil-A and get to know them. It’s a great way to give your audience a little glimpse into your business and staff.

Instagram post idea #7: Puzzles, polls, and quizzes
One of the last things to post on Instagram that we’ll cover is a puzzle or a challenge. When you’re posting on Instagram, it doesn’t have to be all promotional and serious all the time. You can add some fun posts that focus more on boosting engagement and get people thinking about your brand.

Puzzles and challenges are a great way to get people to interact with your content.

Again, we turn to Chick-fil-A for an example of this engagement.

 Post from Chick-fil-A asking people to share their orders with emojis

 In this post, Chick-fil-A invites their followers to try and describe their order in emojis only. It’s a fun and interactive post that gets people to think about the brand while also thinking about which emojis can help them show their order.

Having fun puzzles and challenges gets prospects to interact with your brand, boosting engagement with your Instagram content.

Instagram post idea #8: Funny videos
Funny videos are next on our list of creative Instagram posts. Posting funny videos about your brand is a great way to show people the lighthearted side of your brand and give your followers a good laugh.

Take this example from Wendy’s. Wendy’s often uses humor in their posts to appeal to their audience — this example is no different.

Post from Wendy’s featuring an art gallery

 Wendy’s featured a video on their Instagram where they joked about how everything reminds them of their famous square-shaped patty. This video was an excellent way for them to joke around with their followers while still highlighting their brand and products.

You can take a similar approach with your content — posting funny videos can help you show a new side of your brand while also engaging prospects.

Note: When you take a humorous approach, be mindful of your audience. You want to ensure you’re using a type of humor that will engage your audience and make them laugh rather than upset or offend them.

Instagram post idea #9: Posts featuring pets
Next on our list of ideas for creative Instagram posts is to use pets in your posts. Over 48 million households in the U.S. have dogs, and nearly 32 million households have cats, which makes pets an excellent opportunity for you to make connections with your audience.

When you use pets in your photos, you can have them wear your product, sitting next to it, or engaging with it. You don’t have to be a pet-focused shop to use animals in your Instagram content!

Take this example from Target — they used a cat to make a humorous post about ordering too much stuff from their website.

 Kitten on top of a Target box

In another post, they highlight a dog and one of their Christmas decoration products.

Picture of a dog with a dog decoration from Target
In this video from Billie, they showed a cat playing with their products.

 Cat playing with a Billie box

 As you can see, there are multiple ways to use pets in your posts to create more exciting and engaging content for your business.

Need help coming up with more creative Instagram posts?
Coming up with creative Instagram posts is challenging — especially when you want to keep your content fresh and engaging for your audience. If you’re unsure of what things to post on Instagram, turn to the experts at WeCodeFuture to help you.

We have over a decade of experience in posting on social media. We know how to craft campaigns that drive results — we’ve driven over $2.4 billion in revenue and over 6.3 million leads for our clients in the past five years alone.

If you’re ready to get more from posting on Instagram, contact us online or call us today and  speak with a strategist about our social media marketing services!

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