Best Fruits in India During Summer Season – Complete Guide

Summers ask for refreshing things, and summer fruits are the best way to overcome the heat in India! So experience them to enjoy their Juicy and tangy flavour!

These fruits can heal your body from the heat and relax you in a bit of time. Many fruits from them can be also beneficial to your health along with their relaxing behaviour. Some fruits from them can be your local produced and others can be imported. But before we know in detail about these fruits, we should know about the availability of these fruits in your nearby market. 

Availability of Summer Fruits

AS we discussed earlier, many summer fruits can be your nearby product but others which are not produced your nearby places, but you can buy them from your market. Did you ever think about this how these fruits are easily available in your nearby market? Don’t worry; we will help you to know about the availability of these fruits. 

The Transportation firms take place to transport these fruits from producer place to your nearby market. These firms use many brands’ trucks for their operations, and the Ashok Leyland truck is the most popular truck among all the brands’ trucks because it ensures delivery by its performance and power. However, trucks are the prime thing for the availability of summer fruits. 

Best Summer Fruits in India

Without wasting our time, let’s quickly know about summer fruits.

1. Tarbooj

Common Names: Watermelon, Tormuj, Kadu Vrindavana

Botanical Name: Citrullus lanatus 

Low-calorie and highly refreshing, this fruit has about 90% of water content, making it a love of people, primarily through hot summer periods. It is also plentiful in multiple nutrients and can help in managing digestion. As the fruit sets, you to stay full and hydrated.

2. Aam

Common Names: Mango, Ambo, Amba, Mamidi, Mangga, Heinous, Ma 

Botanical Name: Mangifera indica  

Juicy, pulpy, and tasty mangoes are named the king of fruits. This fruit is available during the summers in India. Dasheri, Malda, Kesar, and Hapus, are some of the well-known varieties of Aam in the country. Apart from being consumed raw, they are also utilised in making several desserts like Aamras, mango shakes, Aam Panna etc., that is savoured by all.

3. Amrood

Common Names:  Guava, Pera, Pairr, Jamfal, Amba, Bihi, Pungdonrong, Madhuri, Payara, Pearaley, Goyyapandu

Botanical Name: Psidium guajava  

Amrood is famously produced in India. This fruit is ovate, green and contains edible seeds. The leaves of its tree are utilised for making herbal tea. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they have a pleasant taste, enjoyed by everyone. Some people like to try it raw for its crispiness. It is one of the most fantastic summer fruits in India.

4. Aloo Bukhara

Common Names: Plums, Alpagodapandu, Heikha, Arukam  

Botanical Name: Prunus subg. Prunus  

This fruit taste is sweet and salty, with a delicious pulp. It is one of the most preferred fruits of the summer with multiple health advantages, as the fruit is rich in vitamin A and fantastic dietary fibres with low calories.

5. Papita

Common Names: Papaya, Poppayi, Papeya  

Botanical Name: Carica papaya    

This yellow colour fruit is well-known in India for its flavour and health advantages. It is also suitable for the digestive system. The leaves of this tree, too, have multiple health benefits along with the fruit.

6. Angoor

Common Names: Grapes, Angur  

Botanical Name:  Vitis vinifera

When it comes to season fruits, this sweet and mini fruit is a surprise in the mouth. It has 81% of liquid. Thus it can retain you hydrated in the hot summer periods. This fruit, apart from being wealthy in various nutrients, has multiple fitness benefits as well. It is one of the delightful summer fruits in India.

7. Ananas

Common Names: Pineapple, Anannas, Anarash, Ananus, Keehom  

Botanical Name: Ananas comosus  

Ananas juice comes for the most delightful and refreshing summer beverages in India. You can take it very quickly anywhere. It includes 87% water, and it presents this fruit as a highly hydrating choice for hot weather. Moreover, it has an unimaginable taste and loved by everyone.

8. Kiwi

Common Names: Chinese gooseberry, Kiwifruit

Botanical Name: Actinidia deliciosa  

The little kiwi fruits are rich in vitamin C, and 80% is liquid, making them good summer products. The kiwis have newly become such a popular fruit in India that they are easily seen in the stores. Farmers also have begun to cultivate the fruit on a business level in India itself.

9. Nimbu

Common Names:  Lemon, Nebu, Neemu, Neembu, Nibu, Nimu 

Botanical Name: Citrus limon

When the heats are rising high in the summers, and personages feel the need for immediate energy, Nimbu Pani is their go-to beverage. As the drink is a natural energy booster, it refreshes you with its salty and sweet taste. Lemons are also added to the food products to add more extra to the taste.

10. Khubanee  

Common Names:  Apricot, Khubani, Urumana, Jardalu, Jardaalu 

Botanical Name:  Prunus armeniaca 

Highly nutritious Khubanee fruit can be incredibly hydrating in the hot summer periods, as 76% is liquid. These sour fruits are commonly used as dry fruits. Although they are powerful in nutrition, they have a low-calorie count thus can be effective in weight loss. Moreover, it is one of the most satisfying and refreshing summer fruits in India. We hope this blog will help you to increase your knowledge. However, if you need more blogs, please wait for our next blog.