Where to Save & Splurge while Traveling India?

India is a culture-rich country. The land of the Ganges shows unity in diversifications. World-renowned for its beautifully unique blend of religions, cultures, languages, and food, India is a must-visit destination. Its richness and diversity make it impossible for you to explore it in a single visit. But you can always prepare a roadmap of the places you want to visit. And the things you want to try in this one-of-a-kind country. People visit India due to different purposes but no matter what the purpose of the traveler is India never fails him a fulfillment.

If you are a travel bug you must find spending the money on traveling enchanting. But knowing where to save and where to splurge is the right way to do things. Then only you can make out the most of your trip while using every single penny out of your money.

So, before taking non stop flights from USA to India, learn where to save & splurge while traveling India.

Splurge on the following

Travel Insurance

Many consider it as an unnecessary expense but it the right place to spend some bucks. As the future is always unpredictable and with it comes risks of the unseen. So, if by any chance you miss your trip maybe it’s the health issues, or some climatic ones you will get compensated for the expenses you incurred on the trip. And use that money to plan a trip a future.

Food and Beverages

Indian food is full of oil and spices. Although it is really tasty not everyone would be able to digest it on the first try. Eating from the roadside eateries that prepare food in an unhygienic way can gift you diarrhea for the rest of your trip. So selecting a hygienic place that provides fresh food and beverage providers is necessary.

Although the food will cost more than the roadside stalls health is the actual wealth. Also, instead of consuming tap water always drink mineral water. Keep a mineral water bottle handy with you and use it at regular intervals. Drinking less water in Indian cities like Delhi and Rajasthan which generally have very high temperatures can easily result in dehydration.

A good 3 or 5 star hotel

Suppose after spending a day you went back to your room and the AC is not working. There is no water in the tap. How would you feel? Anxious, right? Living in a guest or hostel room just to save money and wake up tired every morning living without breakfast on the bed can make your whole traveling experience a nightmare.

Book a good 3 or 5-star hotel with all the facilities you need. Like if you are habitual of drinking coffee in bed pick up a hotel that provides this service. Because a day that starts well ends well.

Use cabs and taxi services

Indian transportation is often congested and you may find it hard to breathe while using them. So spending some extra buck on a private taxi or cab is worth it. OLA and UBER are the main cab providers in India and you can book them just using their mobile applications. And within the designated time a driver will come to pick you up.

For cost-effectiveness, you can share your cab with any other person. Or book a two-wheeler taxi. It is a new feature introduced in India. And is highly efficient keeping the Indian traffic in mind.

Book a tourist guide

The richness of India in must-visit destinations and its steep and congested streets can easily overwhelm you. And just after a few minutes, you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Not Knowing the regional language could make it worse.

Don’t be overconfident about maps as only a very detailed map can keep the data of so many streets and you can’t carry such maps around. If you are sure that internet applications will save you. Then think again, the internet speed in many regions inside the country sucks. As it has many networking issues.

Booking a guide could be the best possible cure. You can easily found plenty all you have to do is choose one that you find comfortable communicating with. And then tell him the places you want to visit he will take you to the places. Will help you communicate with the locals. And help you dive deep into the history of places visited.

Save on the following

Travel in budget

Airfares can box up a huge chunk of your money. Use measures to avoid the extra costs as much as possible. Try to fly from and land at a cheap airport. Keep an eye for good deals and offers and grab them as soon as you get them. And most important book early.

While booking direct flights to India from the USA or from anywhere else make a 30-day prior booking. If you are traveling inside India then use local airlines instead of international ones. These airlines provide great services at budget-friendly prices.

Pack Tight

Indian weather can be unpredictable sometimes. Also if you are planning to hop from one state or another. Or to hop to neighboring countries of India like Srilanka and Nepal packing right becomes very important. Pack at least a warm hoodie, a pair f waterproof shoes, a waterproof jacket, and some cotton clothes. The summers in India and its neighboring countries can be very warm and rainy. And if you don’t carry the necessary stuff with you, you will end up buying it paying higher prices.

A good bargain is a key

Bargaining is an essential skill while shopping in the Indian market especially the local ones. If you don’t want to overpay for everything you buy don’t hesitate to bargain. Ask the shopkeeper for a good deal or discount. You can ask them for some free goodies as well. Maybe it’s your lucky day and you get some freebies along with you.

If you can’t do this ask your tour guide to help. They have a good knowledge of the local market and how much a product cost should be. They will help you get great deals for your money.