5 Items You Want in Your Holiday Makeup Bag

The holiday season brings more enjoyment, party, gathering and travelling and this means more excuses to beautify yourself. So when it comes to these special moments, there are few products that you should keep in your makeup bag. Makeup is something that all women love to do but it’s a bit confusing to decide what you should include in a holiday makeup bag. So in this post, we will discuss what you should add in your makeup travel bag that won’t be too much or too less. 

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As we know, there are plenty of makeup products from different ranges of lipsticks to different shades of foundation and we can’t carry all of them. So, let’s shed the lights on 5 items you want in your holiday makeup bag-

  1. Lipstick

You can forget everything but not the lipstick. Lipstick can change your overall appearance even if you do not apply too much makeup. Due to humid and hot weather, foundation and face makeup can melt very easily but lipstick can’t be ruined. There are so many different ranges of lipsticks available such as gloss, matte and liquid varieties. 

Liquid lipstick can last for 6-7 hours and not even ruin it with water or sweat. However, matte and gloss lipstick looks more shiny and smooth but these will not last long for hours and can easily melt out with drinking or eating. You can pick one of them or all of them for your makeup bag.

  1. Sunscreen

You might think sunscreen is not a makeup product then why we included this in the list. This is because makeup can melt down due to sweat and sun exposure and you get directly exposed to the sun. This direct exposure can harm your skin potentially. Covering up with Layer of sunscreen before wearing makeup is a must. After skincare regime, apply sunscreen and then wear makeup. You have to apply it even if you are indoors.

Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful rays of sun that can damage the upper layer of your skin. Sun exposure can lead to inflammation, pigmentation, redness, sunburn, dryness and even cause skin cancer. So, forget to apply sunscreen in your holiday season.

  1. Mascara

Who doesn’t love big looking deep eyes? Well, a good quality mascara will help you with this. When you are not able to put on a lot of makeup, just put a layer of mascara to lift your eyes. When the eyelashes lift up, the eyes seem big and really beautiful. Without kajal and eyeliner, only mascara can make a big difference. 

Make sure to keep this in your bag. When you want to apply minimal makeup, just put tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, lipstick and mascara–simple and chic, right? Then You are good to go with a sober yet beautiful no-makeup makeup look.

  1. Tinted moisturizer

Have you ever heard of tinted moisturizer? Well, as the name says this is a moisturizer which hydrates and nourishes the skin deeply and effectively. But here tinted means it gives some sheen and pinkish flow to your face along with moisturizing effect. 

Moreover, this replaces the foundation and compact powder with the goodness of matte finish and shiny effect on your face. Just for a quick and simple look, this is the way to go. Put this on after using sunscreen and then do the rest of makeup. This will look like a charm!

  1. Eyeliner

For achieving a more enhanced and beautiful look, eyeliner can help you. With this makeup stick, you can create different types of eyeliner styles to have attractive looking eyes. Eyeliner is a must for every girl these days. That’s why we included this in the list. More than 10 types of look can be created by eyeliner. However, there are two types of eyeliner– liquid one and stick eyeliner. Stick eyeliner is convenient and easy to do. However, liquid one can be done more carefully and slowly.

The most popular one is wing eyeliner that transforms the overall appearance but you have to learn this skill. Therefore, eyeliner can be a beauty enhancer in your holiday makeup bag.

The wrap up

So, there are the must haves for your holiday makeup bag. However, there are a lot more than makeup products which you can include in your bag but these are something which you should not forget. Hope you found this helpful and will add these to make your holiday season more enjoyable and memorable. What do you want to include besides these?

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