Exchanging gifts with each other is a tradition that has been going around for ages. Gifts have always been the best way to express love towards each other. This gift culture is still prevailing in the world. Earlier it was on various occasions like marriage, anniversary, birthdays etc. But nowadays, gifting occasions have increased tremendously. Occasions like Valentine‘s day, monthly anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day, Rose Day etc. 

Everyone loves gifts, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t. But the gifting culture has changed over the ages. Earlier, people used to give sweets, sarees, dry fruits, God idols etc. But nowadays these items are replaced by more practical gifts which are easily accessible as well as are of use. 

If you are looking for some modern-day gifting options for your loved ones, here is a list for you which we have curated. 


The most important object in our life these days. It is possible to live without water and food for a day or two but not without gadgets. It has become the most used and necessary item in our lives. So it is the most practical gift in this modern age. If you are looking for a modern gift, go ahead with a gadget. There are a variety of gadget options available in the market for you to choose from. From smartphones to smart watches, everything is there. You name it, and you have it. Choose the gadget according to the requirements and preferences of your loved ones, and you are good to go.


A never out of trend gift option is cake. It was prevailing as a gift option earlier too, and it is trending in today’s modern age too. What has changed in cake is the varieties in flavours and types. Now you can get cake in almost all the flavours. Even customised cake options are also available. You can also get sugar-free, diet cakes, also for health-conscious people. There are options not only in varieties but also in availability. You don’t need to visit a bakery these days. All you need to do is order the cake online via online bakers. With online cake delivery services, it has become easier to get hands on the delicious cakes with the comfort of your home and even send it to your loved ones.


A little off-beat gift option is plants. I know you must be thinking how useful it is. But with the increase in population and pollution, plants are a much needed item to have. With this condo living system these days, there is hardly any room in our houses to plant trees and have gardens as such. So in that case, getting indoor plants or plants that need less space and care to grow yet give all the benefits of having a plant is a big plus. Plants also add to the decor of our house apart from the benefits it has. So if you want to get something natural and modern for your loved ones, get a plant for them. These days there are lots of options in plants. Choose according to your preference. 


An ever trending and classiest gift option. Nothing can be more beautiful than getting a flower bouquet for your loved ones. With the variety of options in flowers, along with the easy availability, it has become one of the all-time favourite gift options among people. There are online florists available for you to get your hands on the bouquets without stepping out of your house. You can also send flowers to India from the USA via these online services.

Customisable kits-

This is the most trending gift these days. Apart from the ready-made gifts, this is the gift option with a personal touch in it. Customisable kits are collections of useful yet classy items. There are bath kits, fitness kits, decor kits, wine kits, cooking kits etc. You name it, and you have it. Not only these, you can choose items of your choice and make it a kit for your loved ones. You can include all the useful items and make it a kit accordingly. You can accompany such kits with flowers and a card with a heartfelt note for your loved ones. This is a practical, useful yet classy gift in this modern age.

So I hope you got inspiration and ideas for gift options in this modern age after going through this article. Choose anyone from the above for your loved ones and make them feel special. 

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