Plants are essential for our survival because they provide us with oxygen, without which we would perish, and they also provide us with food in the form of fruits and nuts. Plants are also beneficial for other reasons, such as providing humans with oxygen and shade. Plants are home to a wide range of animals, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and kinds. There are most likely 4,00,000 different plant species, with 2,50,000 of them having flowers. Plants are beneficial in a variety of ways, including relieving headaches, stomachaches, and bug stings, and they can be utilised to manufacture teas, garnishing, medicines, and essential oils. Here are some medicinal plants that you can grow in your yard to reap the advantages or you can send plants online to your known ones to convey your care and love!


This plant is very common and is used to make pasta and salads. It adds a flavour that enhances the meal. These plants include vitamins and minerals like vitamin K and iron, which aid in the prevention of certain ailments. Tulsi, or holy basil, is used to manufacture teas, ointments, and a variety of other remedies that aid in the treatment of disorders such as fever, diabetes, and others. These plants have several advantages, including the ability to alleviate stress, reduce swelling, strengthen bones and livers, increase your immune system, improve your digestive system, and improve your metabolism. 


 Cats are attracted to these plants, and they roll around on them. These plants can also be used to treat cats. These plants are used to treat stress and skin problems in humans. These plants include nepetalactone, thymol, and other substances that help you relax from bug bites, anxiety, and tension, get rid of stomach aches, and treat fever and colds. 


This plant is used to spice up food and drinks. Capsaicin is the chemical in this plant that gives it its spicy flavour and also gives it its health benefits. These plants aid in the reduction of cholesterol levels and the alleviation of discomfort. These herbs aid in the strengthening of your metabolism, the improvement of your digestive system, and the improvement of blood circulation in your body. 


 These plants are abundant in antioxidants, making them useful in the treatment of a variety of ailments. These herbs are widely used to prepare teas, which aid in a restful night’s sleep. This plant enhances skin health, relieves discomfort, and aids in the reduction of edoema. It’s also used to manufacture teas and essential oils. 


These plants are beneficial to one’s health since they include vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and others. These herbs aid in the development of strong bones and a healthy liver. Teas are made from the roots of this plant. These plants have several advantages, including the ability to treat skin disorders, strengthen bones, and treat urinary infections. 

Purple coneflower is another name for these plants (ECHINACEA). These herbs are used to manufacture teas and aid in the strengthening of the immune system. It aids in the treatment of the common cold. If taken in excessive doses on a regular basis, it can cause negative effects. These herbs have benefits such as preventing urinary infections, strengthening your immune system, reducing respiratory difficulties, and curing certain illnesses. 


is a frequent ingredient in toothpaste, gum, and desserts. These plants are used to prepare teas that aid in the relief of stomach aches, nausea, and muscle pain. These plants make a nice tea for pregnant ladies. These herbs provide a variety of benefits, including aiding in the treatment of allergies, reducing muscle discomfort, removing headaches, improving the digestive system, and aiding in the treatment of foul breath.


They belong to the succulent family and may be placed in the brightest and driest of indoor environments for days without needing to be watered. They have a monthly irrigation cycle and want their soil to be dry. During the winter, you can even go the entire season without watering them. Look for shrivelled portions or colour shifting (blackish-brown) stems to determine when they need to be watered.

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