What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need For A Dog Bite

Personal Injury Lawyer Dog Bite

Many people are afraid of dogs, which is not entirely unjustified! Where many dogs are sweet animals, a dog can sometimes suddenly become aggressive. Have you been bitten by a dog that caused the injury? You may be eligible for compensation, especially if someone else’s dog bit you. A dog bites personal injury attorney can help you claim compensation and determine the amount. Did you know, for example, that you are not only entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses incurred? You often also claim so-called compensation.

Consequences of a Dog Bite

In some cases, a visit to the doctor after a dog bite is sufficient. In other cases, the consequences go much further. In the case of a minor dog bite, getting a vaccination and possible treatment of the wound is sufficient in most cases. In this case, you can try to recover the costs incurred through compensation from the dog owner. Dog attack attorney personal injury attorney can help you with this. In the event of a dog bite from your dog, you are, of course, not entitled to compensation.

However, if you also have to deal with psychological complaints after the dog bite, you can receive so-called compensation. For example, do you find yourself spending less time outside or avoiding dogs in a wildly exaggerated way? You may need the help of a psychologist, for which the costs can be recovered from the owner of the dog.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Dog Bites

A licensed personal injury attorney can help you claim damages in order to pay the costs of the consequences of a dog bite. This concerns both the medical expenses for treating the wound at a doctor or in the hospital, a possible vaccination, etc., as well as the costs for a psychologist or other care.

Owner Liable

The owner of the dog is liable for the dog bite. The owner is not to blame for this. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done! Hopefully, the owner is nearby when his dog bites you. In any case, ask for the owner’s name and address. Perhaps the dog owner can also show an ID. If there are witnesses, ask for their details. Take pictures of the damage the dog has done.

What Damage?

66% of biting incidents are not serious. Let’s hope that’s the case with you too. However, if you do incur costs, you can think of the following damage, among other things:

Clothing damage: your pants are broken; the dog has bitten through them;

Medical costs: you have to be treated in hospital, and you need a tetanus injection;

Loss of income: you cannot work for four weeks: the wound becomes inflamed. Unfortunately, you only get 70% paid in case of illness;

Domestic help: you can no longer do your household, and you can no longer get groceries. To do this, you need to involve friends or family.

Liability for a Dog Bite

You must hold the owner liable for the damage caused by his dog. You can, of course, do this yourself, but you can also engage us. Hopefully, the owner will immediately acknowledge liability. Usually, they have liability insurance, and it is, therefore, an insurance issue. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, with some advocating mandatory liability insurance for dog owners. If liability has been acknowledged, you can start calculating your damage:

  • What do all medical treatments cost?
  • What’s left of that dog bite? Just a scar? Or do you keep having more complaints?
  • Which and how much income do you miss because of the dog bite?
  • Did you incur travel costs in connection with the medical treatments?
  • What help did you have to enlist to do the housework?
  • How much pain and suffering did you suffer after the dog bite?

You are also entitled to compensation.If all goes well, all your injuries will be reimbursed. The annoying thing is that carefree walking in the woods is probably no longer an option. Unfortunately, no insurer can reimburse that.

Be Assisted In Recovering Your Personal Injury

Recovering injuries after a dog bite are not easy. That is why you should hire a specialized personal injury lawyer. Our specialists ensure that you are fully compensated while you are rehabilitating and take care of the entire personal injury process:

  • We hold the owner liable and contact the insurer
  • Witnesses are being written to
  • We consult with the insurer about your injury
  • Our medical advisor examines the injury and gives advice
  • A specified damage statement is drawn up
  • Your complete personal injury will be recovered, also for the future!
  • You will, of course, be kept informed of every step we take.

Bitten By a Friend’s Dog

You or your child may have been bitten by friends or family dogs. It may be difficult for you to hold the owner of the dog liable. In this case, ask whether there is third-party liability insurance. We will then immediately write to the insurer, and your friends or family will not notice anything else about the recovery of the personal injury. Your personal injury lawyer will further arrange this with your insurer.