Everything You Should Know About Visa Medicals

People migrate from one country to another all the time, and it is possible to carry unwanted and severe diseases from one country or one region to another. While several individuals travel or migrate for various reasons such as work, vacation or to visit or be with their loved ones, the countries they are visiting will always check that the people migrating to their countries are fit, healthy and don’t have any infections.  

One way to know if you are free from such diseases before travelling is by getting tested and getting any visa medical to prove that you are healthy and not a threat. Private GPs London is a private walk-in clinic London that you can visit for a comprehensive visa medical if you are travelling out anytime soon. Get across to us today for more information.

Why do you need a visa medical?

The visa medical is proof that you, as an immigrant, are free from unwanted diseases that can affect the otherwise healthy population of the country you are visiting. In some cases, the medical will be required, based on the specific work type you have to do there. It ensures that you are medically eligible for a particular job role.

While every country imposes their respective health check list that need to be crossed before you will be allowed entry, most of them include sexually transmitted infections, vaccinations, x-rays for chest and even ECGs. Some countries may even require an x-ray report, a blood test or even your full vaccination history to prove that you are medically healthy.

What are the countries that require a visa medical?

If you are applying for a work or a residential travel visa in countries outside of Europe and the UK, you should have your medical because most countries excluding Europe and UK deems for medical permission. The employer in the country where you are about to travel can help by putting you through the guidelines and requirements.

What happens during the visa medical?

The medical requirements differ from country to country, which means that the process will vary from one to another as well.

Basically, you have to undergo physical examination and a blood test. Furthermore, you will have to perform sexual health check to test for certain conditions like hepatitis, Syphilis and HIV. You might also have to undergo other tests comprising of an ECG that helps to detect if your heart is healthy or not. By this way the risk of underlying heart issues.  

Additionally, you may have to fill a questionnaire, and you may do this on your own or with the incorporation of the doctor. Generally, it involves questions regarding your family’s and your’s present medical conditions and medical history.

Furthermore, you have to give urine or blood sample, or both, to send to the laboratory for analysis. In case there is a need for additional tests like X-ray for chest, you will be referred to any nearby hospital, which typically takes a day or two for appointment. When the reports of tests are ready, medical form will be finished to be sent.

Before, your entry in the country deeming for medical, you might have to get jabbed for certain diseases and infections. In case, you can’t manage to have any vaccinations then your will be offered at the time of appointment.   

Before entry, most countries demand for the proof of vaccination by checking the immunity with the help of blood test. Private GPs London also facilitates the service for the sake of the travellers.

Cost of visa medical examination

Several factors determine or influence the expense of medical, and most of the time it depends of the individual’s requirements. Nonetheless, the price relies mostly on the given 3 aspects:

  • Cost of doctor’s consultation time
  • Cost of screenings and tests
  • Cost of necessary vaccinations

How long should I get the visa medical before travelling?

The process of getting a medical before travelling should begin as quickly as possible. This is because of the amount of time that passes before the results will be ready. For example, the blood test results are ready in 1 or 2 days, while some tests may take longer than usual to return and report to the patients.

If you require or need vaccination, it can be included in any vaccine programme including 2 – 4 vaccines – this means that they can take several months before they are completed. All these should be ready on time so that you can rest assure to be fully immune before and during the trip.

For more information on Visa medical & Immigration London, contact us at Private GPs London or visit our walk-inclinic. Reach out to us today to book an appointment.

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