Find the four most common auto accident injuries.

According to the government’s statistics, more than 3 million auto accidents happen on the roads of the USA. Dallas, Texas, is one of the top 5 cities that have the worst road accident fatalities. The primary cause of accidents in Dallas includes drunk driving, rash driving, and driving under the influence of drugs. Everyone has been to the Auto accident injury clinic in Lewisville, TX, at least once.

Sometimes, the effect of the auto accident injury lasts longer than expected, especially the knee injuries and joint injuries. People have to avail the treatment of joint pain in Dallas, TX, for the post-recovery process. Auto accident injuries can vary from minor scratches to life-threatening injuries. Some of the most common auto accident injuries are mentioned below-

  • The Whiplash

Whiplash is the most common auto accident injury that happens during auto accidents. It is due to pressing the sudden brakes or colliding with the static object. The seatbelt also increases the impact of whiplash. The prime injuries caused by whiplash include muscle strains and soft tissue tear. 

Sometimes, the whiplash can also impact the nerves, back, and legs. Neck and shoulders are primarily affected in whiplash, and long-lasting impact can include weakening of fingers, arms, joint numbness, and permanent damage to the body’s nervous system.

  • Big scratches and cuts

The impact often breaks the windows and windscreen of accidents. The shards can pierce your skin, and the accidental impact can leave your body bruised. Sometimes the cuts and scratches are minimum and can be cured by applying an antiseptic. However, this is not always the case, and you might need immediate medical attention and stitches to fix the scratches and cuts.

  • Broken ribs and other chest injuries 

Chest injuries are prevalent injuries due to car accidents. Whiplash can cause chest pain and bruise. The driver suffered chest injuries because they cannot avoid colliding with the steering wheel. Many people also suffer from broken bones and ribs. The ribs are exceptionally delicate, and broken ribs can also cause internal injuries to the organs like lungs. 

  • The head injuries

Head injuries are also a pervasive form of auto accident injuries, and like chest injuries, they can range from minor to severe injuries. The headboard, windscreen glasses, and even the deck can be the cause of head injuries. While driving motorbikes or scooters, our head is more vulnerable to road accident injuries despite wearing the helmets. 

Concussions and minor scratches are common head injuries. A person needs to be put under experts’ observation. Major head injuries include internal bleeding, blood clotting, blackout, memory loss, or change in brain structure. Severe accidents can leave people brain dead or in a comatose state for a long time.


Arm and leg injuries, joint injuries, back injuries are also common auto accident injuries. The joint pain injuries are detected later after the accidents. Therefore, people need to make appointments with professionals to treat joint pain in Dallas, TX. Since Dallas sees many auto accidents every year, many Auto accident injury clinics in Lewisville, TX, can pay a visit to get the treatment or therapies.

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