How to Choose The Right PPC Agency

In a fast-paced digital landscape, paid growth can be a savior. Sure, there is nothing wrong with choosing the traditional approach of growing your business online in an organic way. However, things get a little different if you have a competitive business model or are functioning in a competitive fast-changing industry. This is the sole reason why PPC is important.

It goes without saying that with paid growth, you can significantly shorten the timeline needed to reach your business’s digital goals. And in order to make the most out of paid growth, it’s worth hiring/working with a PPC agency if you do not have in-house capabilities on properly leveraging paid growth.

Be it on social media, search, SERPs (search engine results pages), or elsewhere, you can gain a competitive advantage over others in your industry by getting the best results out of paid growth with the help of a professional PPC agency. And to be sure of this, it’s important to hire the right PPC agency.

If you are new to this, you may not have a proper idea of what is a PPC agency. Simply put, a PPC agency is an agency that has expertise in paid marketing growth and can help you achieve your paid marketing goals.

Here are some of the actionable steps you can take to make sure that you do not go wrong in hiring a professional PPC agency:

1. First be clear with your goals

Even if you hire the most premium paid agency, you may not be able to effectively achieve all of the results you want if you are clear with your digital marketing goals. Prior to reaching out to agencies, it’s important to first streamline your goals.

For example, if you want to increase sales for your online product or service, it’s important to run paid marketing campaigns while targeting the right side of audiences. When you are clear with your digital marketing goals, it becomes easier for you to know which agency is capable of helping you efficiently and cost-effectively meet your goals.

2. Make sure the PPC agency has expertise in local targeting

One of the best ways to segment target audiences in order to make your Beed marketing campaigns more result-oriented is to prioritize local targeting. Although local targeting has become one of the most important factors in taking a niche marketing approach, many PPC agencies overlook it.

If you are based in Indian cities such as Kolkata and want to work with a professional PPC agency in Kolkata, make sure that the agency you choose specializes in local targeting. Trends-first Kolkata-based PPC agencies such as Hub Media can help you gain the best results out of local targeting with your paid marketing campaigns.

3. Expertise in effectively leveraging various paid channels

One of the best ways to determine whether the PPC agency you are planning to work with is versatile enough to meet your requirements is to gauge their expertise in leveraging different types of paid/PPC channels. This is because your paid marketing campaigns will only be the most effective and result oriented on the right PPC channels.

A significant part of this has got to do with your goals as well. The clearer your goals, the easier it becomes to brief the agency about the type of channels you want to leverage. It’s not always necessary to stick to only the top PPC channels as you can also leverage niche channels in order to gain a niche advantage.

For example, if you want to prioritize local targeting in Kolkata, it’s worth working with a paid ad agency in Kolkata that lose their way around PPC channels that can deliver higher returns for target audiences based in the city.

4. Expertise in marketing communications

Technical skills only make up 50% of the overall credibility and expertise of PPC agencies. It is also important for PPC agencies to have impeccable marketing communication skills and resources in order to make the paid marketing copies stand out and effectively engage with the prospects.

It may seem trivial but marketing copies play an important role in streamlining the customer funnel. Make sure that the PPC agency you plan on working with has expertise in marketing communications. To test the marketing communication skill sets of the agency, you can request a sample. It’s best to come up with a spontaneous requirement and request a sample copy for that in order to test the communication team’s versatility and aptness.

5. Overall expertise in digital marketing

It is important to understand the fact that paid marketing is not a totally different division of the overall digital marketing landscape. Rather, paid marketing is closely tied together with other aspects of digital marketing. As such, it is important that the PPC agency you choose has overall expertise in different divisions of the digital marketing landscape.

For example, if you want to gain paid growth on search engine results pages, it’s important that the agency you work with has extensive knowledge of search engine optimization and its related aspects such as keyword research, geo-targeting, and landing page optimization. This is the best way how PPC is done.

6. Expertise in mobile optimization

Responsiveness of landing pages is one of the most important factors that determine the effectiveness and success of your paid marketing campaigns. Make sure that the PPC agency you are planning to work with has expertise in optimizing landing pages for mobile.

One cannot overlook the importance of optimization for mobile as mobile traffic accounts for almost half of the overall traffic that you can get from your paid marketing campaigns. It’s through proper responsive design and professional mobile optimization that you can elevate the prospect experience and convert them into customers.

7. Learn about the clientele of the PPC agency

A credible PPC agency is one that has a good clientele and credible client work portfolio. When having initial discussions with the PPC agency your plan on working with, it pays to learn about their client base and explore their portfolio of the work they have done with past clients. When doing this, make sure to learn about the results the agency was able to achieve and in what timeline.

If the PPC agency has a good past work portfolio and has achieved impressive results, it’s a green signal that you can proceed forward with the onboarding process. Also, it’s important to learn about their charges and rates. How do you get charged with PPC? This is the question many new business owners often have. There are two parts to the expenses you will have; the first is the budget for the paid marketing campaigns, and the second is the service charge of the PPC agency. PPC agencies first learn about your requirements and provide you with a quote that includes their service charges and estimate for the paid marketing budget you need to put in.

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