Why and How to Take Zoom Online Quran Classes

Since the revolution of Covid-19, everything has changed substantially, leaving physical businesses to evolve into remote-oriented businesses. And, in this time, Quranic classes have suffered the most, as it requires one-to-one and a close connection. However, with the initiative of online Quran classes, learning the Holy Quran has never been this easier. 

In fact, many parents are happier than before when it comes to the Quran learning of their kids. Now, they have the opportunity to learn in a benevolent environment and strict supervision. Busy parents have the chance to look after their children, resulting in maximum productive classes for their children.

How? A teacher uses screen-sharing software and connects them with Zoom from where you can access the meeting, enter the room and engage in online classes hassle-free. What are the requirements? It demands basic requirements, which are accessible in most homes nowadays. All you need is a strong internet connection, a smart device with an integrated camera to take classes.

Here’s how you can prepare for a child to take online Quran classes. With interactive and handy resources available on the internet, Holy Quran online learning can prove effective for your kids. 

What Online Quran Lessons Bring for you?

Learning the Holy Quran Online is a great initiative taken by online educators. Suffa Quran has a comprehensive course that is best for Quran learning with proper tajweed and Tafseer. The dozens of satisfied customers are a source of pride for us and keep us motivated. Not only this, but parents have a great chance to supervise and monitor the seamless progress of their kids. 

Our wide range of online courses keeps parents and kids worry-free. They range from basic to advanced, including the Noorani Qaida course, recitation of the Holy Quran with proper tajweed, Quran translation, and memorization.

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

When you rely on a certain online Quran schooling, the Quran academies take care of your basics. They start the introductory course with Noorani Qaida and that’s something vital if you have recently accepted Islam or reading the Holy Quran for the first time.

Flexible Schedule

What else do you need, when you have the opportunity to access the class anywhere and at any time? These classes are recorded and can be viewed later on if you missed them due to an emergency. Apart from this, the flexible hours make online Quran classes a breeze and no hustle-bustle to reach madrassas or waiting for male Quran teachers to come and teach. Another added benefit Suffa Qurans offer the freedom of choosing hours based on your schedule. Our experienced Quran tutors are available most of the time to disburse knowledge and create a smooth learning curve.

Read Quran with Tajweed

Tajweed is the cornerstone of reciting the Holy book with true essence. Tajweed gives you a straightforward way to pronounce Arabic letters to prevent mistakes and read the Quran in the desired manner. To achieve proficiency, our academy comes with dedicated teachers who are experts in their respective subjects. You can expect proper articulation and interpretation of the verses to help better understand the Holy Quran.

Eliminating the Need for Physical Classes

With an interactive environment, there’s simply no need for physical classes. Our Quran schooling sets up a realistic approach that makes it feasible for tutors to teach and learn in the best possible way. Our focus is to work more closely on individual classes, so the students can yield positive results that would help them memorize Quran online without any hindrance.

Multiple Tutors for your Help

Another great thing you can expect from us is the flexibility of multiple tutors. Since girls are not comfortable with learning with male tutors, we have female Quran teachers to meet your requirements. Additionally, if you don’t like the method or way of teaching from a certain teacher in your initial days of learning, you’re allowed to switch your teacher. In this way, both sides can ensure a smooth learning process at a steady pace.


That’s it! We hope you have now understood the basic importance of shifting from physical to online Quran classes that can prove to be a real deal for your kids. Learn more about online Quran academy fees, watch out about their structure, services, tutors, and get your kids enrolled without having a single doubt.

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