Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than Traditional Marketing

The Internet is easily accessible by people all over the world and still, people going online are increasing every day. Internet usage has increased by 5% among adults in the last 3 years according to Pew research. With the advent of a pandemic, the shopping behavior of people has changed to a large extent. Today most people are spending more time on the internet so it becomes important to do marketing through it. Marketing is nothing but connecting with the audience at the right time and the right place. People are spending more time on the internet and that makes Online marketing more effective than traditional marketing/offline marketing.

Digital marketing as a term was first used in the  1990’s    American professor Philip Kotler is the father of digital marketing who has penned more than 60 marketing books and is often recognized for his efforts in establishing marketing as a field of academics. The first clickable web-ad banner went live in 1993, during this time Hotwired purchased a few banner ads for their promotion and advertising and this marked the beginning of the digital marketing era. The first e-commerce transaction was done in the year 1994 with the invention of new technologies entering the market with a new mission. In 2000, many small search engines were wiped out with the burst of the internet bubble which created more opportunities for businesses. In the year 2002, the first professional social media network LinkedIn was launched.

Digital marketing or online marketing is a part of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies to promote its products and services. Digital technologies such as mobile phones, desktop computers, and digital media platforms are used to promote brands to communicate with potential customers. Digital communication not only includes email, web-based advertising, and social media but also includes text and multimedia messages as a communication channel for marketing. Digital marketing can be simply defined as marketing that uses the internet to reach customers. There are 5D’s of digital marketing which are digital devices, digital data, digital media, digital platform, and digital technology. For increased brand awareness and to stay ahead of the competition all the 5D’s are essential in the digital marketing campaigns.

With digital marketing, you can target the customers who are most likely to buy your products or services. You have limited control over the audience when you place ads on TV, magazine, or a billboard whereas digital marketing helps to identify and target a specific audience. For example, the social media targeting feature allows you to target people based on their age, gender, network, location, etc. Also, digital marketing helps you to do the necessary research to understand the user’s persona this, in turn, helps to refine marketing strategies. In traditional marketing, it will cost you a lot even if your billboard does not perform whereas in digital marketing you can decrease the amount of money spent on a channel that is not giving you a good ROI. You can track campaigns daily with digital marketing and thus have control over where to spend money. With strategic digital marketing activities, smaller can outrank bigger players in the industry. Through Influencer marketing, social media enables you to reach more audiences in less time. It allows marketers to see more accurate results of a digital marketing strategy in real-time. On the contrary, one cannot see accurate results of advertisements in a newspaper as you don’t know how many people saw your ad in it. Digital marketing enables you to see the exact number of people who have viewed or visited your website by using digital analytics. All these reasons make digital marketing not an option but a necessity for your business. Digital marketing companies in Oman are much in demand these days as the number of people using the internet in Oman is increasing exponentially which makes digital marketing important for businesses.