Close Chikmagalur 16 mountain stations not to be missed in 2021

 1. Kemmangundi-Lush Greens

 Although Kemmangundi is not one of the most eye-catching slope stations near Chikmagalur The best opportunity to visit: October to March Recommended reading: 8 The Chikmagalur most Good activity, even if it is close to the Baba Budan Giri mountain range, where there are different mountains, dense vegetation and elegant nurseries, bringing harmony to travelers. The view over the valley is simply amazing, opening the way for the original photos. You can also discover some of the best hotels near Chikmagalur and Kemmangundi.

 Perfect time: 1 night/2 days

 The most effective way to get there: 150 kilometers from the Mangalore Airport terminal and 35 kilometers from the Tarikere Railway Station. You can take the community shuttle bus to Kemmangundi from anywhere.

 Popular attractions:

  • Top attractions: 
  • Hebbe Falls 
  • Shanti Falls 
  • Kallathigiri Falls 
  • Baba Budan Giri 
  • Mullayanagiri Peak 
  • Z Point Trekking Peak

 2. Kalasa-

 Kalasa’s largest holy station

The greatest piste station in Kalasaga is spread over the shrines of the city. You can have the enjoyment to float on the stream of Bhadra and enjoy a great time witnessing the great features of passion, tea and espresso.

 Where to stay:

·         Vamoose Misty Mount

·         Sudarshan Homestay

·         Malenaadu Homestay

·         Cloudy Mountain Manor

·         Vamoose Bal

 The most efficient way to get there: For Kalasa, the nearest terminal is Mangalore. You can take transportation or taxis in the immediate vicinity.

 Popular Attractions:

·         Ambaa Teertha

·         Suspension Bridge

·         Vasishta Theertha

·         Subramanya Temple

 3. Sakleshpur-An Unconventional Place

Sakleshpur is a pretty good slope station, although when it came, it wasn’t particularly attractive. Joint research. – Joint research. Nature lovers, explorers and lovers of life will adore this site. You will be fully rejuvenated by the intriguing mountains, pleasant atmosphere and beautiful scenery of western Ghats.

 Where to stay:

·         Bawa Lodge

·         Robin Woods Homestay

·         M Cube Serviced Apartments

·         Vamoose Stream Lodge

·         Murmuring Woods Adventure Camp

·         Perfect time: 2 nights / 3 days

 Step-by-step instructions Arrival: Easily reach the nearest station in Hassan by rail, a distance of 44 kilometers.

 Popular Attractions:

·         Manjarabad Fortifications

·         Sakleshpur Lake Park

·         Sri Shaneshwara Swamy Temple

 4. Kudremukh – Picturesque little

The Kudremukh mountain range has a beautiful view on the mountainside, similar to the essence of a pony, Hence her name. Hence her name. Kudremukh is Karnataka’s biggest evergreen reserve. The slope of Kudremukh is the source of 2 rivers, including Tunga and Bhadra. Imagine yourself sailing in the waterways surrounding some magnificent green valleys. This is the unusual purpose of Kudremukh compared to other slope stations around chikmagalur homestay.

 detailed steps to arrive: Mangalore air station and railway station are the closest to Kudremukh. From there, you can reach nearby transportation and taxis.

 Popular attractions:

·         Kudremukh National Park

·         Lakya Dam Lake

·         Soormane Falls

·         Kadambi Falls Bridge

 5. Agumbe-an amazing resort

 This charming Karnataka slope station is surrounded by dense forests and mountains. The abundance of picturesque excellence and biodiversity often associate Agombe with the name “Cherrapunji of South India”. The area is very undeveloped and a sanctuary for different vegetation. The area is very undeveloped and a sanctuary for different vegetation. If you love nature and want to relax and cheer with your companions, then go to Agumbe.

 Best Visiting Opportunity: November to January

 Step-by-Step Route: The nearest terminal is at Mangalore Airport, and the nearest starting point is Udupi Railway Station, from where you can take a transport or taxi to Agumbe.

 Popular attractions:

·         Onake Abbi Falls

·         Agumbe Sunset View Point

·         Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary

·         Barkana Falls

 6. Kyatanamakki-Trek A suitable destination

 A small slope station, Kyatanamakki is famous for its similar name and not only

 off-road jeep research So, there is an uninterrupted slope and proper travel preparation, where you can enjoy unlimited fun at a top station near Chikmagalur.

 Best Visiting Opportunity: October to February

 Step by Step Instructions: Udupi Train Station is the closest to Kyatanamakki and there is daily transport nearby.

 Popular Attractions:

·         Dawn / Sunset Point

·         Playful

 7. Coorg-Charming Beauty

 Coorg is considered the “Scotland of India”. It is an attraction with fascinating features and excellent slope station conditions. Coog is famous for its mountain peaks, green landscapes, wonderful waterfalls, and a wide variety of vegetation. By participating in the Coog Tour, you may discover the lovely green slopes.

 Where to stay:

·         Kannika International Lodge

·         Inn Madikeri Heritage

·         Château International

·         Sri Venkateshwara Residency

·         Inn Mayura Valley View


·         Abbey Waterfall: Admire the magnificent scenery

·         Laflake Waterfall Experience Tour:

·         Laflake Waterfall Experience Tour`s Seat

·         Perfect time: 2 nights / 3 days

·         Best opportunity to visit: October to April

 Popular Attractions:

·         Dubare Elephant Camp

·         Brahmagiri Peak

·         Raja Seat

·         Monastery Waterfall

·         Government Museum 44

8. Wayanad-a peaceful destination

 Wayanad is a natural paradise in Kerala, the motherland of the gods. If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet and beautiful goal, Wayanad is your ideal decision. Wayanad is famous for its wildlife, travel, exciting mansions and charming climate.

 Where to stay:

·         Arayal

·         Banasura Hill

·         Wayanad Wild-CGH Earth

·         Mayookham

·         Wayanad Village Hotel


·          Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: For Wildlife Lovers 

  • Kuruva Island: Enjoy Bamboo Rafting 
  • Edakkal Caves: Go Caving 
  • Ziplining: Fly In The Hills Of Kerala 
  • Perfect Duration: 1 Night/2 Days 

 The most effective way to arrive: You will take private and government transportation from Chikmagalur to Wayanad.

 Main attractions:

·         Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

·         Edakkal Caves

·         Soochipara Waterfalls

·         Kuruvadweep

·         Banasura Sagar Dam

·         Banasura Hill

 9. Ooty-a vibrant hillside station

4 It is famous for its flower beds, stone houses, lakes and rafting, and the upper part of Doddabetta. Ooty is often referred to as the “sovereignty of slope stations”.


·         Knolls Residency

·         Astoria Residency

·         Heaven Perfect

·         Treebo TrendLight House

·         Savoy IHCL Selections


·         Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train

·         Greenhouses

·         days, the perfect place to stay. Step-by-step instructions to get there: You will immediately travel from Mysore (170 kilometers from Chikamalur) to Ooty.

·         Popular attractions:

·         Ooty Lake

·         Dolphin’s Nose

·         Government Rose Garden

·         Nilgiri Mountain Railway Line

·         Whitewater Lake

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