Excursions to Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, and Ooty

This is a short excursion that we organized in a hurry. It was June… the stormy weather in the coastal areas of India and the hot weather in the fields. I had a fourteen-day outing. My husband came back after the cruise and the children had just returned to class. However, in any case, if they don’t have classes during the basic week and instead go to extraordinary areas, even then they are learning… It’s something I keep letting myself know (maybe it’s my reprehensible cognitive conversation). Where are you thinking of going? Thinking of Bangalore in South India, we spent 15 beautiful days nearby, so it also includes Mysore, Kugel, and Ooty. I booked accommodation, planned a vehicle that we would use when we were there, and informed the children and husband of my arrangements. Children are just as excited as their dearest husband. In addition to seeing his family in four decent months, he has a lot to look forward to! We will be on vacation from June 20-30, 2019.

 We departed from Mumbai for Bangalore on June 20, 2012. We checked into Bangalore Park. The number one place is Bangalore National Park, located 22 kilometers south of Bangalore. This rugged place is one of the weirdest ordinary animal shops. It is spread over 25,000 plots of land, making it a major holiday destination. Contact coorg home stay for more information at Bangalore Park

 Bannerghatta National Park

 We departed from our hotel on MG Road at 1.30pm and we got there in just one hour. We got the tickets and started to take a smaller than expected vehicle (safari park) through the national park for a safari tour. It lasted more than two hours. There are several areas in the entertainment center. One is an elephant, at that time lions, tigers, bears and different creatures. Since it was night, we found that these creatures were resting. The children are happy to find these creatures. When the creature is directly in front of our vehicle, when we pass by or stop, we collectively accept the image. We are very happy with the safari park.

 RVM Shiva Mandir

 The next part of the national park is the Butterfly Park and Zoo. It is the first butterfly park in the country and was established in 2006. Both places are great… They saw many creatures and winged animals, such as brightly colored butterflies. We returned to the hotel at night, where we lost our way. The next day we want to visit RVM Shiva Shrine. The magnificence of this temple lies in the huge sculptures of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. He also has 12 copies of Jotilinga. For me, this experience is of course very satisfying, because I look forward to visiting all of the Joti Lingas in India. After visiting the sanctuary, we went to the Lalburg Conservatory. It is distributed over a vast territory and may have the most diverse and best vegetation. The trees are huge. One can spend a whole day here effortlessly. When we visited, the mango celebration was being arranged, we saw a variety of mangoes, plus some new natural product juices. We like to walk around the quiet nursery. I went to the lodge and had an amazing dinner in an Italian cafe.

 On the third day, we had to visit ISKON Shrine in Bangalore. It was launched in 1997 and is unique among other products I have visited so far. He admired the project of the shelter. The experience is incredible! We went back to the hotel and took a bath with the children. When we lost ourselves in the sparkling poolside pavilion, we enjoyed some delicacies and non-alcoholic cocktails.

 Mysore Palace

 Science Museum

 On the fourth day, we will pass through Mysore to Couge Resort. Our idea is to leave early for Mysore, which is about 3 hours’ drive from Bangalore, at 11 o’clock in the morning. We saw the royal residence in Mysore. It is really radiant. We were taken away by his glory. The Mysore Castle is definitely a must-see attraction.

 We avoided Mysore Zoo, because time does not allow, we have been at Bangna Hata Safari Park anyway. We were in Mysore looking for silk sarees and nearby fortresses, ate South Indian Tali for lunch, and then headed to Kug.

 The journey is very beautiful. The Coorg or Kodagu resort, as it is known today, is an amazing area in the heart of the South Indian headland. This unspoiled “land of ten thousand slopes”, laid out on the slopes of the Western Ghats, is an espresso bowl from India. A small area within Karnataka is the largest espresso machine. Madikeri or Mercara was once controlled by the British and was the central command of the area at an altitude of 1,140 m. The city is full of red brick cottages, which exude old world charm. The British who colonized Coorg and established an espresso ranch before independence compared Coorg to Scotland because both places have excellent countries and long-lasting mountain competitions. We arrived at our accommodation in the evening and found that the Club Mahindra Kotagu Valley Resort is very nice, it is located in the middle of greenery and a beautiful nursery. Appreciate our spacious loft.

 On the main morning, we surveyed the sloping town of Madikeri, then we went to the ancient shrine of Omkareshwar shiva, and then we observed Raja Seat Raja`s Seat, from where we could see the enchanting green hillsides and valleys, the waterfalls of the monastery and The

. -kilometer Talacaveri hails from Madikeri, a travel community, and the mighty Cauvery waterway introduces him to the world. We return to the hotel before sunset.

the next day

Brilliant Temple

 Bylakuppe close Kushalnagar is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in South India. The settlement was founded in 1960 and is dotted with religious communities, the most famous of which are the great monasteries of Seraje and Serame, and the Nanzhulin Monastery. Inside the cloister of the Golden Temple, there are gilded Buddha statues with unique shapes, reflecting the rich social heritage of the Tibetans. These sculptures are by Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha Amitabha. There are about 7,000 priests and nuns. Agriculture is the main occupation. In addition, they have meticulous workmanship, cover and incense. We searched for nearby specialty products here and left memories at home. At that time, we went to the famous Dubare Forest to participate in an elephant training course. In addition, it is an ideal place for calculations in the turbulent waters of Cauvery. Since then, we went to Cauvery Nisargadhama.

 Cauvery Nisargadhama

 This is a wonderful 64-segment land island formed by Cauvery Creek. It is often achieved by walking on the suspended part. This beautiful hiking resort was built in 1989 and has dense bamboo forests, sandalwood and teak forests, as well as exquisite canal-side huts. Elephant riding and sailing are part of different attractions. There is a deer park, a playground and an orchid garden on the island. Therapeutic plants have also been developed. Tourists can enter the water at various shallow and safe spots along the canal. We are all in the water and there are many fish in the channel, the children like to take care of the bunnies. I don’t understand that we spent 3 days in Coorg, this is our ideal opportunity to go to Ooty on July 27th. We left early in the morning because it takes 8 hours to get to Ooty. We need to experience Mysore again. Disk

 is cute. We passed through the Sigat Mountains. The two national stations are Bandipur National Park in Karnataka and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. At this moment, Ooty’s movements began. The fairway is indeed twisted 36 times. The weather is fantastic, a bit gloomy, and there is still a little rain so far. At 3pm, we stayed at Club Mahindra Derby Green Resort. Regardless of the track, this is a good hotel. We checked in and went to the botanical garden quickly.