How much time does wax pens consume their battery?

Nowadays, most wax pens come with a suitable battery. Hence, you do not have to worry about which is the most suitable battery for your vaporizer.  The battery provides the appropriate amount of energy to evaporate the wax concentrate in the device’s heating chamber. If the battery you use is too strong for the device, it is easy to burn the coil or heating element and make it unusable.

What batteries do wax pens use?

A majority of wax pens use rechargeable 510-threaded lithium-ion batteries. The 510-threaded refers to a uniform size of the threads that enables you to use the batteries with any other vaping device with a similar thread size. 

However, you should always check out the rating of each device before exchanging the batteries.  Although most wax pens use one type of battery, not all 510 threaded cartridges and batteries are compatible. Some batteries are too powerful to use with certain coils. Furthermore,  when you buy a battery for a wax pen, it comes with a charger. Make sure to use this charger only. For example, if you try to charge an e-cigarette pen with a mobile phone charger, its battery may be damaged.

What are Voltage settings and mAh?

 When looking for wax pen batteries, the main specification you will see is their mAh (milliampere-hour) numerical rating. The mAh of the battery defines the duration of the battery life. Batteries with high mAh should withstand the usage of the wax pen for longer periods than those with low mAh before requiring a recharge.

Most wax pen batteries of today come with variable voltage settings. These settings enable you to vary the amount of power the battery supplies to the wax pen’s coil. As a result, you can easily customize your hits. Voltage settings within the higher range will offer you more cloud production and intense hits. Conversely, choosing lower voltage settings will get you less intense hits, small clouds, but more flavorful hits.

The battery is likely to last for a shorter period if you use the wax pen at high voltage settings than when you use the device at low voltage settings.

How long does a wax pen’s battery last?

Besides the battery’s overall power, your style of using the wax vaporizers will determine the duration of the battery. For example, if three people use the same type of battery and the same mAh and ohm atomizer, and if one of the three people is a very heavy user and the other two are occasional users, the battery will not have the same life. However, the actual working time of the battery will be the same. It will look different because heavy wax pen users will drain the battery quicker than casual users.

Generally, the battery life of a wax pen is determined by the type of user, the resistance of the heating coil, the room temperature, and its mAh rating. A wax pen heating element with higher resistance is more likely to drain your battery quickly. Also, if the surrounding temperature is too low, the coil will need more power to reach the desired temperature. Consequently, the battery will drain faster.

How to extend the battery life of your wax pen

As you gain more experience with using a wax pen, you may find out that the device’s battery is not enough for you. Below are some tips that can help you get extra life out of a wax pen’s battery.

  • Turn off the battery after use – (a common mistake is to leave the wax pen’s pen active when not in use. As long as the battery is on, the device will consume some electricity. Fortunately, some wax pen brands have an automatic shutdown function. 
  • Regular use of the battery – (As in the case of smartphone batteries, regular use of the wax pen’s battery will boost its efficiency. When you leave the battery for a long time, it will slowly power off. Even if you take a few puffs a day, it helps to extend the battery runtime). 
  • Don’t overcharge – (Another common mistake is to let the vaporizer charge overnight. Your battery life can get damaged when you continue charging it even when it is already fully charged). 
  • Cleaning the battery using the right approach (don’t use water – (The battery of the wax pen occasionally gets dirty due to wax concentrate spills and leakages. When the battery gets dirty, its connection to the other parts of the wax pen will weaken. Therefore, the battery needs to work harder to produce the power required for a good shot, which shortens its lifespan).

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