KASHMIR Incredible LAKES Trip

India’s Greatest Trip

 Kashmir is one of the most enjoyable trips in India. There is no uncertainty about this. Cashmere has been approved for its legendary status as a paradise on earth.

 Travel is set to overwhelming material. It is 75 km northwest of Srinagar. Wild uncomfortable mountains, moving water, and turquoise mountain lake scenes are consistently 360°. Consistently. You can also explore beyond 7 lakes and 5 completely different valleys! Because of the wide range of scenes, this is a mid-to-heavy 6-day trip. This means there are days of long journeys with no easy way to accompany steep ascents and descents. This is not planned for amateurs who haven’t gone on a hi-hito tour since.

 Favorable despite difficulties. An ideal postcard with other lakes that are constantly snow-covered. The snow play that feeds this lake is far superior. You can see them gliding in the lake of the tough mountain. Soft white ice cubes can be seen many times on the surface of the black-blue lake. There are hills of Kashmir. These wetlands come in regular day-to-day visits of all structures and sizes. Right next to bats, maple, and pine trees wax-like desert springs in this wild. The next day they came down to a huge valley with ponies and sheep. Day 3 This hill just below the Gaza Pass is in the full bloom of wildflowers. On the fourth day, the green plains of Satsar look almost like a skimming stream.

 Every climb after this one feels like a small screen film. However, Kashmir Incredible Lakes is an IMAX 3D encounter. This makes the trip look special. If this trip isn’t over yet, be sure to put it on your list of things to do!

 I like traveling

 1. Great mountain landscape of travel.

 Most of the Himalayan trip is really enjoyable. But the kashmir great lakes trek are their own size. Certainly, the mountains of Kashmir are very similar. There is an overwhelming presence around you. I’m not exaggerating, by chance, when I say that walking in Kashmir is like watching an IMAX on a regular TV screen elsewhere. Cashmere – wherever you feel it.

2. Variety of Valais and Clearings

 Kashmir’s amazing lake excursion has 7 days of climbing. Also, coincidentally, it walks through 7 unique valleys. Besides, all the valleys are spread throughout the trip. The former valley and the later valley have brutal competition.

 6 of the 7 unique valleys you walk through are specific prairies or undeveloped areas. These highland wetlands and prairies are connected by the high pass. On one side or the other side of the path, pasture is expected to need to be equal. But they obviously don’t. But it’s definitely not. All of them are their own reality, and it has its own charm. Like , the “wallpaper” and Sekuduru Marsh with ほのめカサ is located between the maple and birch trees. The fields of Nikunai show just how vast and vibrant the wetlands are. Go over Nichinai Pass and enter the hill that you do not want to wrap around. The

 Vishnu Sar field consists of delicate beckons flowing through the middle of a huge meadow gliding along with delicately loaded wildflowers. More emotional than

 is GadsarGlade. There are many steep mountains on both sides and they are getting smaller. There are many more modest lakes in the giant hawthorn focus field. In the wild deserted, blooms flourish throughout the Valley of Flowers. As you climb

 Gazaru Valley, you will see Sazaru’s “window background”. Lazarus hill is soft and actually looks like a couple of ponys who love to eat with some desolate maple trees trimmed and some desolate maple trees. I see greener grass elsewhere. Never seen

 Peru Gabo region is the last grassland. Look at the valley below the Jazz Pass and admire the green world guide. The Peru Gabo looks as blue as Africa! From his side, Nandkol is not true. The green scene includes four additional lakes.

 3. Lake

 Gangabal territory is the last grassland. You can see most of the guides to the green world when you look at the valley on the Zaj Pass. Gangabal is blue and looks in Africa! There is no Nandkol truth on his side. The green scene likewise covers four lakes. No discussion of the amazing lake tour in Kashmir is possible except when

 Lake is notified. When I saw some pictures of the lake before research, they thought they were buying it in Photoshop from Scandinavian lands. I never felt that such a lake existed in the mountains of our country. At these high altitudes, the completely crystal-clear lake changes color throughout the day.

 From the light of the first half of the day to the sky blue sea green and evening blue, Vishnu Sar and Kishanzaru 2 pools, Gas Jar Ocean Green with drift ice, the sight of Gangabaru The Nandokoru Twins are the best lake views on the planet.

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