The Effect of Celebrities in Sports Marketing

May it be a pop singer promoting coke or an influencer out casing products on the social media platform, sports celebrity Marketing is difficult to avoid. Celebrities very naturally command great attention & this involves celebrity endorsement & even celebrity branding.

Featuring several celebrities in sports marketing can attract great attention instantly & enhance brand visibility.

What is meant by sports celebrity marketing?

Having popular celebrities advertise products can be really a strong tool for sports marketing. Celebrities promote nearly everything from goods to various services & also social causes.

Celebrities can shine really bright on all kinds of businesses & this is why they are sought by a huge variety of businesses to advertise their goods or services.

Forgiving is a very formal idea, celebrity branding is the usage of famous individuals to generate great buzz around the product/service.

Celebrity branding includes engagement from celebrities with products/services.

One of the instances of celebrity branding is a product promoted on a social media platform by a celebrity. Celebrities have huge social networks & people are all the time interested in trends & products that celebrities endorse.

Celebrity branding on the social channel has great potential to reach more individuals than other customary advertising methods.

Why do companies use sports celebrity marketing?

Endorsement is a marketing route for communicating the brand via a celebrity spokesperson. The communication channel is the means through which the company communicates their offering to the target audience.

Celebrity endorsement is a promotional tool that enhances brand awareness. This is a way of increasing credibility & getting visibility for the brands.

Celebrities are highly known individuals & celebrity endorsement can make a brand stand. Numerous companies have very successfully leveraged celebrity endorsement, which leads to enhanced business.

Basically, celebrity endorsement is linked with huge companies. Increasingly, lesser-known businesses are approaching celebrity influencers for promoting their brand. Celebrity endorsement helps build huge credibility & can simply expose brands to new markets.

Celebrity effect is the potential of famous personalities to influence others. Businesses can utilize that star power & influence to boost their products/services.

Businesses can utilize that star power & influence to uplift their products & services. Celebrities can even include a lot of glamour & credibility to the brand.

How does celebrity endorsement greatly influence consumers buying?

Celebrity endorsement refers to the promotion of the good/service by the celebrity. For instance, an expert sportsperson who endorses a particular brand of athletic shoes would wear this brand of footwear in the course of matches or even games. It is a classic instance of a celebrity ad.

Nike is popular for celebrity endorsement of athletic footwear. They have had several high-end celebrity endorsement campaigns. Whether it may be golf or basketball, Nike has witnessed a substantial gain from endorsements from athletes like Tiger Woods & Michael Jordan.

Celebrity endorsements are really powerful in part owing to their huge celebrity network. Such celebrities get a chance to reach out to individuals via distinct modes.

Celebrities can even reach out to people via traditional media, television & social media platforms. Another important reason for them to be so powerful is due to the presence of the celebrity effect.

Do celebrity endorsements enhance sales?

Branding & celebrity endorsements can considerably enhance sales. Signing for a celebrity endorsement can result in the value of the stock enhance, which thereby increases sales by nearly 4%. Social media platforms have remained the main factor currently in driving huge product sales.

Nike is a good instance of utilizing celebrity endorsements for boosting sales. Nike’s campaign of 1984 Air Jordan was one such most successful celebrity endorsements in history.

After 25 years in the year 2009, the Nike Jordan brand dominated 75% of the basketball shoe sales & 10.8% of the whole shoe sales in the US.

Why do the advertisers utilize celebrities to promote or endorse products/services?

Celebrity advertisements bring in sales of several products. In present days, celebrity advertisements can simply tap into the social media followings of various celebrities.

This is direct access to millions of eyes for the product in addition to the credibility of celebrity endorsement. Social media is particularly helpful in reaching out to the younger generation.

Social media provides a glimpse into celebrities’ lives. The Celebrity effect of viewing a star utilizing a product on social media can help bring a brand into the great limelight overnight. This is the reason why various brands are clamouring for promoting their products through the mechanism of celebrity advertisement.

Celebrities are very familiar faces, which the audience is associated with. People are highly inclined towards trusting endorsement or recommendation from a very known public figure. Audiences feel like they personally know such celebrities & trust them to great extent.

What should the brand consider before reaching out for celebrity endorsement?

It can get really tempting to depend on celebrity power. However, celebrity advertising can just not replace marketing plans. Certain things are there to consider before they pursue celebrity endorsement. This is crucial to choose celebrity endorsement that will lead towards success.

The basic questions that the brand should answer before they decide on the celebrity endorsement are:

  • Is an association with a top class celebrity one of the simplest ways of building a brand?
  • Should celebrity endorsement be a principal medium for brand communication?
  • How can the brand decide on the potential of the brand endorsers?
  • What are the benefits & drawbacks of such an endorsement?
  • Is celebrity endorsement all the time beneficial for the brand?
  • How can celebrities help enhance the brand image?
  • What are few of the drawbacks of celebrity promotion/endorsement?

It is vital to choose a celebrity that easily matches the brand. They must be attractive – whether that is intellectual, physical, lifestyle or competence.

Celebrities must even hold a positive reputation before endorsing a brand. Those celebrities with a negative reputation can be great harm to the brand.

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