Computer Components And PC Parts

Computer is an electronic technology that is used in various fields. That is why this modern time is also called the IT era. Computer components and their parts are divided into two categories. One is hardware which include Motherboard, Power Supply, Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Random-access Memory (RAM). Whereas languages and programs are known as software. There is a massive computer components list on which a complete computer stands.

Due to the accuracy and fast speed computer has become a crucial source of accomplishing the assignment. Doing the same type of work through manual power, then it will take double of the time taken by pc. Moreover, Computers can save a huge quantity of data in it without any problem.

You don’t need to be an IT expert in order to learn the importance of computer parts and how they perform. Let’s start the discussion about the main computer components and hopefully it will help you a lot.


Motherboard is the most significant component of computer because everything is dependent on it. It is a circuit board that allows other pc parts to communicate with each other. There is a numerous amount of ports in a motherboard through which you can charge your laptop, plug in a monitor or develop a mouse connection. With all this, you can still add some extra accessory ports as well.

The motherboard also possesses some significant sub-system like input/output chipset, control memory, interface connectors and the last central processor. Moreover, motherboard also keeps low-level of data such as system time even when computer is switched off.

Power Supply

Its name, the power supply, shows it provides power to all components of the computer. It usually plugs into the mainboard to power all pc parts because every single component is linked up with the motherboard. The power supply can be connected to internal battery or get the lug in for an outlet specifically for desktop.  The 3.3 and 5 volts are mostly used by complexed circuits. On the other hand disk drives and fans are operated at 12-volts. The basic specification of power supply is measured in watt.

If you are a long time user of a computer then you should know that early computers have large red toggle switch that was a little bit of a problem to function. But in today’s world you can easily turn on power with a little button push and turn pc off with the option given in a menu bar.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Without a shadow of a doubt CPU is like workhouse machine in a computer. It performs all the calculations that are required by the system and can diverge in speed as well. Due to the massive workload and it performs everything so for that CPU gets heated. This is the reason a fan is fixed inside. For a computer that is required for intense work then a high quality CPU is mandatory for that computer or laptop.

Furthermore, another name of processor is Central Processing Units (CPUs). Precisely, there are other things as ell that are performing for the computer efficiency but among them all processor is the chief of them. In short, processors simply work like a brain for the computer.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is temporary memory. It works like a volatile memory that can work and provide data accessibility until power is on.  RAM stores all that on which you are working currently. An example is, when you open Microsoft Word windows your computer starts working through RAM support. As soon as you close it RAM gets out of that processing. As we have said, it stores data for the time being and that’s why you lose your Word data if you haven’t saved it before your pc breakdown occurs.


Computer components and PC parts are assembled together that makes a proper computer. Good and highly working pc parts and gears are necessary for the computer to perform with quick response. In this discussion we have tried to provide the information regarding the main pc parts on which a computer’s functioning is based on. We hope that this discussion will add valuable information for you.