How To Choose The Ideal Timber For Decking Purposes?

If you’re living in Australia and want to compliment your Australian lifestyle, then building an ideal timber deck is the way to go. But, when building a timber deck, you need to choose the ideal wood or timber type for the task, that fits the climatic conditions and environment of the place where you currently live in. 

Not choosing the best timber for your deck can lead to premature damage & deterioration, leading to the wastage of your precious investment because then you have to spend additional money on repairs. Therefore, to help you learn about the different timber types and which one would be the best for you, we have created this comprehensive guide that you should go through in its entirety.

Best Timber Types For Decking


According to a professional company for timber decking in Sydney, this is a type of hardwood that is very well-known for its beauty. Moreover, the wood type is perfect to be used in hot weather conditions. The wood type is very stable and therefore doesn’t twist or warp under extreme temperatures. It’s also very resistant to termites, fire, and external weathering elements. As a result, you can definitely enjoy peace of mind when using this wood type and your deck can stay in great shape for multiple years to come.

When you decide to build a deck using Merbau, you have to know that it has high oil and tannin content. So, when your deck will be wet, especially in the monsoons, it can sometimes bleed. Such a scenario can easily be prevented using a good deck oil. 

Iron Bark

This type of wood is very well-known for its durability and strength. That’s why this wood type has become a very common choice for various types of commercial activities and being utilized in high-volume areas. It is also fire, termite, and rot-resistant. So, if you’re looking out for a sustainable wood type for your deck, then there’s no better option than Ironbark. 

But, you must note that the installation procedure will be a little complex because the boards will come pre-drilled. But, since it’s one of the hardest wood types, the extra effort will indeed be worth the time. 

Spotted Gum

This timber type is popular for its vibrant colors and wavy grain. It’s the perfect choice of wood if you want to ‘wow’ your guests. It not only looks great in terms of overall appearance but also is fire-resistant, long-lasting and quite eco-friendly too. 

Pre-drilling will be required for its construction purposes and like Ironbark, the wait will be worth it. 

And that concludes our suggestions. We hope you enjoyed our insights and for any additional queries, do let us know.