List of the Top WordPress hosting for Business in 2021

Today, we will tell you how to choose the right host for your website on the WordPress platform. You will understand the requirements that the host should meet and what to look for when choosing. In addition, we have compiled the best web hosting for business, for websites on CMS WordPress.

Hosting Tips

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. All modern hosting services are optimized for this engine. Therefore, if you choose WP, then any provider will be suitable for you.

Here are a few key points to look out for when choosing:

How many years the company has provided services in the market;

Read the reviews about the company on the Internet. If there are too many negative reviews, you should not choose a custodian;

Ask questions of interest before purchasing a tariff plan to evaluate the stability, adequacy and capability of the support service;

Do not choose free hosting under any circumstances. They provide few resources and embed advertisements on your website;

In the early stage of resource development, you should not choose the most expensive tariff;

The first time the escrowed rent is paid, the lease term is the shortest (eg 3 months). During this time, you will have time to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of hosting.

Here is the list of best web hosting for business companies that are best and optimized for WordPress

1. Timeweb – the best WordPress hosting

Timeweb- appeared on the market in 2006. The company is actively increasing its customer base and providing services to customers at an appropriate level. We have been working hard to update server resources and add other functions to simplify the work of the system. Hosting has been optimized for use with WordPress.

Now, users are provided with 4 options for charging plans. The difference between them is the amount of free space on the hard disk and the number of sites that can be connected to the server.

2. Beget – the most reliable and proven

Beget is a very popular hosting provider in the CIS countries and has been providing its services since 2007. The main feature of the provider is to provide effective support services that can quickly answer user questions (with an average of no more than 40-60 minutes).

3 Sprinthost is a quality provider

Springhost is a reliable provider with easy site navigation, friendly design and detailed background information to help novice webmasters understand how the system works.

The company began to provide services in 2005, and currently can provide users with three basic tariffs and server rental services.

A toll-free phone is available 24/7 to provide support for users. Unfortunately, sometimes you will encounter consultants who are incompetent on certain issues.

4. Makhost – time-tested quality

The hosting company Makhost has been providing services since 2004, and all servers are located in the Netherlands.

Users can choose from 4 tariff plans. The cheapest one provides 1 GB of hard disk space and the ability to connect to 1 site. The most expensive disk provides 30 GB of disk space and can connect to 40 sites.

5. Hostinger – the best unlimited

Hosting is the best-unlimited hosting. Currently, users can use three tariff plans. At the same time, the most expensive “Premium” actually provides unlimited resources: unlimited outgoing and incoming traffic, any number of connected sites, databases, mail accounts, etc.

The host is optimized to work with all the most popular CMS (including WordPress). There are also some useful things: convenient control panel, server location can be selected, automatic backup.

6. Hostenko – created specifically for WordPress

Hostenko is a special hosting service provider that has been optimized and adapted to the needs of the WordPress platform as much as possible, including the necessary tools for creating and using websites. All data is stored on the SSD drive.

7. ISPserver

ISPserver is a combination of affordable price and high quality. The company began to develop as early as the 1990s and is currently one of the leading companies in my country. Users can use three tariff plans, and their available hard disk space and the number of connected sites are different from each other. There are two control panels to choose from.

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