Why You Should Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures

Dental implants are an effective solution for replacing missing teeth. An implant serves as the tooth root to provide better stability and support. Most dentists recommend dental implants instead of dentures for this reason.

If you’ve lost some of your teeth and still not sure whether you want to get implants or dentures, here are reasons why dental implants may be a better option.

Resembles the natural teeth

A dental implant functions and looks like your natural teeth. After fitting a dental implant, you might forget you even have it in your mouth. Dentures can interfere with your everyday activities like talking, eating, and smiling. Fitting dentures also increases your risk of bone deterioration overtime.


You won’t have to feel conscious with dental implants when you smile or worry about the dental restoration coming off unexpectedly. You can do things that are not possible with removable dentures.

Dentures require you to take them out at night and re-insert them later on. It may be stressful for some people, but using dental implants is not problematic because once you have them fitted, you won’t have to worry about the implants.

Preserve bone health

Losing your teeth can lead to different dental issues like deterioration of your jawbone. When a tooth comes off, the underlying jawbone becomes weak and loses its firmness.  However, fitting a dental implant preserves the jawbone and stimulates bone growth. Placing a dental implant is not possible with dentures because you would only be replacing the missing teeth and not the root.

Normal speech

Dental implants allow you to speak normally because the implant works like natural teeth, but with dentures, you may not be able to pronounce certain words without worrying about your dentures falling out.

No cavities

Dental implant-supported crowns are not prone to cavities. However, you still need to clean your teethregularly and have a good oral hygiene routine, including visiting your dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning.

Protect the healthy teeth

The constant contact of dentures with the adjacent teeth can wear down the teeth, but dentures will not grind other teeth and will not require filing down the teeth. Your teeth will not gradually move out of place with a dental implant while trying to cover the space left by one or more of your missing teeth.

Keep the replaced tooth in place

Your dentures can shift or fall out when you make specific mouth movements – at this point, you would have to reposition them. The implant will fuse to your jawbone, and it won’t shift out of place even after several years.

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If you want to fix permanently your failing or missing or teeth, learn the advantages of dental implants over dentures from our expert dentist in Smile Works Dental

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