5 Best Small Business in Philippines with a 4k Capital

A Small Business in the Philippines with a 4k Capital is an investment that is not too big. This does not mean that there is no risk because you can lose your shirt if the market goes south. 

But it is also not an investment that will require an army of finance experts and financial advisers to oversee its growth and expansion. The Small Business in the Philippines with a 4k Capital is the one that can be run by its owner alone.

Small Business in the Philippines with a 4k Capital

Before we go any further, it is important to understand what a “4k” Capital is. Using this term, I am referring to any small finance facility with a stated maximum capital amount and is typically under 10 million dollars that offer potential investors the opportunity to purchase a significant portion or all of the enterprise. 

While there are various ways to define such an entity, the easiest way to approach it involves an investment in something that will create a substantial amount of long-term value and will then be open for future capital appreciation. 

When looking for good business ideas for a Filipino company, it is best to seek out investments that have a proven track record of providing a return on investment that is at least double or even three times that of the initial cost.


The best business in the Philippines is the tourism industry. It is a billion-dollar industry every year. Tourism is one of the major drivers of the country’s economy, and the tourism industry offers a lot of job opportunities for Filipinos. 

The tourism industry in the Philippines is highly regulated, and the quality of service is known to be very good. Another reason why many Filipinos are attracted to this profession is because of the low price of living in the Philippines.

Filipino food

Another one of the best businesses in the Philippines is Filipino food. The locals are known for their love for food. Even their martial arts skills and unique cooking have made them a favorite among many tourists and travelers. 

There are many of these restaurants that opened their showrooms in the local streets and malls. And the people behind these establishments are known as the ‘Filipino chefs.

Private Investors

Another option for funding for your business in the Philippines with a 4k Capital is to look into private investors. Most private investment companies in the Philippines have minimum investment requirements and a clear track record of return on investment. 

However, some private investment firms in the Philippines may require higher investment capital as part of their requirements for becoming a partner. In these cases, you will be advised against proceeding with such a business venture unless you are extremely sure that you can obtain a good return on your investment.

You may also consider joining forces with a local or an international organization specializing in small businesses in the Philippines. Several of these global and national organizations have proven track records of success in the direct selling industry. 

One good example of these is the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines or DDA Philippines. This is a not-for-profit membership organization that assists its members to help them establish their businesses. Through their DDA International affiliate program, they help their members obtain high-quality international direct sales contracts.

Online Photography Business

Photography is a passion and art for many. A photography business is a great way to make a living as an entrepreneur, even if you don’t have much money.

Millions of websites have been online up to now. These websites require new images to create blog posts and other content. They often purchase fresh, copyrighted images from stock photography websites.

You can start your own business with a small amount of capital if you have a good DSLR camera. There are many ways to make money or get started.

  • Stock photography websites selling fresh images
  • As a freelance photographer, you can sell images
  • Start your website for photography and start selling your products

Selling Siomai

Finally, another very lucrative business opportunity that you can have as a Filipino is selling siomai, malaria, and such. 

These are some of the best sellers in the Philippines that are cooked on their kitchen stoves. Most of the sigma sold in the street are made from rice, beans, and fish. 

The main ingredient of this food is ham or Mayo, marinated in vinegar and then cooked on hot coal. Selling siomai and malaria is a very popular small business in the Philippines with a capital of fewer than twenty dollars.


If properly planned and executed, many small business ideas can be very lucrative in the Philippines.

The hard part is determining where there are opportunities and how to use them best.

We have included various business types that require different amounts of capital in our list of Philippines small business ideas. They all have one thing in common, regardless of their start-up costs: Demand.

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