7 Types of Traditional Makeup Look you Must Try

With the evolving world, multiple styles of makeup have also been introduced today. There are various trends in the makeup area and people are trying to follow each and everything today. Makeup is something that makes us look beautiful and attractive, it assists in boosting our confidence. No matter which event we wish to go to, makeup can make our look go from zero to a hundred. The makeup artists today are coming up with various styles that look unique and innovative. You can look for great makeup artists and choose multiple makeups looks ideas for yourself. You can opt for simple makeup looks or party makeup looks or any traditional makeup look you like. With the assistance of a salon booking app, you can easily book a makeup appointment service from the best salon for yourself just by sitting at your home.

7 types of traditional makeup look

1.       Matte Appearance

In this makeup look, mostly bold colors are used. It is an ideal look for a wedding. The very first thing that you need to do is shape your lips with the assistance of a lip liner, then apply any color lipstick you like and make sure that the color you choose must have a bold look. Then you can do a smokey eye with the matte look and put on some accessories that will enhance your face. And go for a traditional attire that matches the makeup look.

2.       The Glitter Look

This look is an evergreen one for wedding guests. It is completely meant for bright evenings like Diwali and various other events. To gain the perfect look, what you need to do is use a golden-toned eyeshadow or a highlighter to provide yourself with a glow. Choose a nude shade lipstick that will help in enhancing the look of your glittery eyes and choose a warm-toned attire for yourself.

3.       Bindi Look

Applying makeup and then adding a Bindi is one of the best traditional looks you can go for. Doing a simple makeup look and then adding a simple colored Bindi to it will completely transform your look from simple to elegant and classy. You can choose a Bindi of any color to match your attire and make yourself look beautiful.

4.       Smokey eyes

Making your eyes look attractive through makeup will completely change your look. Smokey eyes are one of the traditional makeups that can be worn in any type of event. The first thing you need to do is shape your eyebrows with the assistance of an eyebrow pencil. Then provide a dark and smokey look to your eyelids with the assistance of eyeshadow or an eyeliner. You have to choose a great mix of colors for providing yourself with a smokey look. The next thing to this look is that you have to add mascara to your top and bottom eyelashes. Go for a nude shade lipstick to enhance the look of your eyes.

5.       Natural and Tinted makeup look

For the brides that wish to have simple and traditional bridal makeup, the look must go for this one. This makeup look will provide you with a simple and subtle look, yet you will look elegant. The main work that you have to do in this blends the foundation properly and creates a smooth and perfect base so that your complete makeup looks perfect. This might sound like an easy makeup look to do but some of the simplest things take up the longest time. This makeup look will make your skin and your personality glow too. It is perfect for your wedding day, no matter what color attire you are wearing, you can perfectly make this makeup look go with it.

6.       Brown or Bronze look

This is one of the best traditional makeup looks. You can make your eye look beautiful by only using colors of this shade. It will go with lehengas of all colors and if you have any ceremony before your wedding or on your wedding day, you can easily go for this look. It is perfect for you if you want to look natural and beautiful. Many of celebrities have used this makeup look for their wedding, so why do you want to step back? Go for this option and be the most beautiful in the entire room.

7.       Shimmery eyes

If you are the bride and want to attain that beautiful glow then shimmery eye makeup is definitely the one you should opt for. It is perfect for the ones who wish to add a graceful look to their face. You can easily apply this look by dabbing just a little on your and then blending it properly. This makeup look suits almost everybody and makes each one of us look beautiful.

Benefits of Traditional makeup

1.       One of the biggest benefits of traditional makeup is that it lasts for around 12 hours. If you are a bride, then you would definitely want the makeup to last for a long time, isn’t it? So, traditional makeup will last for longer periods and you will look beautiful and elegant all day long.

2.       It can be easily applied. It is the most versatile of all types of makeup, it is available in multiple shades to match your skin tone. You can use brushes to apply a thick foundation with the assistance of fingertips for attaining a well-blended application.

3.       It is not expensive like the Airbrush Makeup. The products that come under the category of traditional makeup are very pocket-friendly.

How to book makeup services from a salon booking app?

Makeup in today’s time is something both males and females are looking forward to and there are plenty of salons that provide you with party makeup services. But it is very integral for us to choose the right one. With the increase in technology and so many new inventions, you can book the best types of makeup today from anywhere through the assistance of salon booking apps. If you wish to book appointments by sitting at your place and do not wish to get down to the salon or are busy and do not have the time to go down to the salon for booking an appointment, then you can do it simply by booking apps. Here are the steps that you have to follow for booking an appointment through online salon apps.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is download the application and then select the salon you want to receive the makeup services from.

Step 2: After selecting the service, select the makeup service or the package that you want to go for.

Step 3: Then, you are required to select the timing that is suitable for you to visit the salon.

Step 4: After selecting the timing, you just have to click on a book and then you have got yourself a makeup service booked just by sitting at your home.


Makeup services are needed by each one of us today and there are several makeup artists and salons that provide the best makeup services. You have to make sure that you choose the best one for getting your traditional makeup done so that you gain the exact look that you wish to have. With salon booking apps finding the best places has been very easy and comfortable.

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