8 Easy Ways To Style Your Hair At Home

Like body & skin, we all want our hair to look stunning every new day. Have you ever wished someone would style your hair every morning to give you that glamorous look? Well, this can’t be real!

Forget any other person, even if you don’t have enough time in the morning to get experimental with your hair. But this doesn’t mean you have to get stuck with average-looking hair for surviving life. What you need is to add a few little twists so that the hairstyle trick can be taken to the next level.

To your help, check out some great and easy hairstyling tips for curly, wavy, and ponytails that will give you a salon-like look that you don’t need to visit.

Using Hair Pins

Want to wear your hair up? Many of us fail to do so as falling out of hair is tough to manage. A hairpin can do the job for you! It locks the hair up and you will get a new look without any effort.

How to do this – by using the open end of the pin against the hair’s direction in which it is pulled and stab into your hair. When the pin is about to insert in the hair, make it rotate so that the open end faces the direction of the hair. Next is to push the pin to secure it. If the process is done perfectly, the hair will get a tight grip without getting the pin noticed. You can shop pins as they are easily available at stores or make an online purchase.

Stepping Up Your Ponytail

This trick for ponytail is the instantaneous and easiest method to make your up-do look professional and nobody can imagine that you have done it by yourself. After making a ponytail, take a small fragment of hair from the ponytail and wind it around the base of the ponytail to disguise the elastic. Next, you have to coat the section ends with hairspray and smooth them against the base to get it secured. If this seems fine to you, you can stab a hairpin into the base to make sure it is in the right place. You can also use hair scrunchie for the ponytail to give it a stylish look.

Tugging on Your Waves

This can be done by wrapping your hair around the wand too firmly or holding it against the barrel for too long. You will ultimately get the look that you wish to have from the salon. An easy fix to this – gently drawing on the end for few times when the curl is hot until it gets cool down to loosen the hair. If you want to have those loose beachy waves, go for this styling tip.

Making Your Bun Stay Up

No worries if you don’t have any mini claw clips for thick hair or any hair tie, you can still make your bun stay up on its own with the hair flake. Wrap your hair in a bun the way you like and drag on a piece of hair from your head side to form a loose loop. Further, pull the fragment of hair over and around the bun to keep it in the right place.

Defining Your Curls

If you find it difficult to define your curls, the trick helps you with the order of doing so. A tip here to not comb your hair after applying curly hair products, but reverse the order instead. Do combing through your drench hair first. This process helps to detangle the knots without any compromise to the shape and definition of your curls.

Doing a Fishtail Braid

This can be tough for beginners, but you can still do it with a great hack. Start the process by tying your hair in a low ponytail to keep it tight while you make the braid. Once the braiding gets done, remove the hair tie at the base. If you like a messy fishtail kind of braid, use your fingers to crumble it up. Always make a strong foundation at the base braid that will prevent it from coming apart in the entire day.

Do Flat Ironing Your Braids for the Waves

A hair straightener is the most common heating tool to be used, and we all love that! You can even make curls and beach waves with the help of a straightener by using the flat-iron technique to create an unfinished texture. Start by making a braid and then press a flat iron down to the length of each braid. See when the hair gets cooled down; clear up the braids for bending and making the movement of hairs.

Give a Try to the Side-Swept Look

This look works great until you got stuck pulling your hair over your shoulder for the whole day. How you can keep your hair in place is by pulling the beneath section of your hair into a baby ponytail and make it secure at the neck collar behind the left hair. The rest of the hair will be put right on the top. Easy, isn’t it? Give it a try to get a classy look!

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