How Can You Accessorize Your Traditional Suits from the Luxury Lawn Collection for 2021?

We all seem to be ready to flaunt our fun yet chic Eid suits this festive season. With the sales and new volumes being launched by the brands, all seem to be sorted on the clothing department. But what if the most accessories to match with our luxury lawn suits?

Accessories are the details that matter! With the contrasting hues of the luxury lawn collection 2021, reflect the epitome of grace and festive beauty by adding a little sparkle here and there.

lawn collection 2021

Style your ensemble with contrasting details by adding a sequins belt or be confident enough to wear heels with solid suits. For this festive season for 2021, subtle hues are trending with a splash of mismatched embroidery here and there. With the summer heat, style your outfit with sparkly and bright colors of summer. Outshine like the sun wearing the luxury lawn collection and styling it with some trendy must-haves.

Listed below are trendy accessories of 2021 that enliven your outfit and take it to a next level.

1. Give your luxury lawn collection 2021 a makeover

Whether you are going for a natural-looking sheen or a beaming glow, style your bright and contrasting outfits with:

  • A matte and creamy finish with highlighters that make your skin shine and create a seamless texture that will brighten your plain solid ensembles.

Combine the warmth of the bronzer with shimmer to highlight your face cuts.

  • Go super daring and super intense with the color of your lipsticks. If your suit has enough brightness then add a light gloss to your lips to balance the whole statement piece. Go for nude tones.
  • For the eye shadow go for subtle tones from glitter to matte. Add lengthy strokes to your eyes to create a chic look. Use lighter tones for the center and darker tones for the edges.
  • A touch of rosy hues does no one wrong. Add a flirty flush to your cheeks to finish off your look.

Make sure the makeup you use is waterproof to survive this monsoon humidity. Use brands that offer longevity and whose tones last the whole day.

2. Carry your hand carries in style with your Lawn Suits

Whether you are opting for clutches for a festive combination or handbags for that more practical storage, you can buy and style them so that they are Eid-ready.

  • Clutches are the perfect festive wear accessory that you can match or contrast with your outfit. Got for glitter or sequins options to balance the look you are going for. You can always choose a midnight black with embellishments and sparkle for your ensemble to stand out. Your hand carries define your personality without having to say anything.
  • Top handle bags are another great option if you are someone who prefers a more spacious carrier that will still look both trendy and chic. Go for flush colors instead of going for brighter tones and choose nudes instead of matching the bag with your suit. You can although always think of matching the bag with shoes. As it adds an edge to the whole ensemble
  • You can also opt for striking yellows to reflect the sun and your lively mood this Eid 2021. Textured bags look great with the luxury lawn collection you are planning to wear this summer Eid.

3. Your footwear with your lawn dresses speaks for itself

  • This Eid, wear the glamour on your feet. Add a little sparkle and gems to your outfit by wearing elegant flats. Check out the stores online to assess what would become your style statement this Eid 2021. Add colors to your shoes when your outfit is on rather lighter tones. Slides playing with fur, sequins, and bows are a trending new must-have with the luxury lawn collection 2021.
  • Sandles are the other trendy option, they provide both the comfort and the style that makes your look complete with its chic and sophisticated feel.
  • If the summer heat doesn’t really bother you then be a little daring and wear heels that are both fabulous as well as spontaneous. Wearing heels from gold to black it’s a journey you have to make yourself with what goes for your look and suit.

4. No look is complete without Jewelry

Add classical textures to the traditional jewels by styling them with delicate hues and your luxury lawn suits.

  • Add color and texture to your outfit by wearing chunky earrings and dangling hoops. If the suit already has embroidery and colors that stand out then you can go for subtle studs. Wear sparkly and edged earrings with solid suits that are both dainty and stylish at the same time.
  • For the neck add chockers’ or heirloom masterpieces like lavish long necklaces that finish your look with a traditional edge.

No Eid, be it wearing bright tones or the subtle hues of the luxury lawn collection 2021 is complete without bangles. Add colorful multi-color bangles to your outfit or wait until Chand Raat to shop with your loved ones for that jingle fancy.

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