Don’t worry! Here we are going to discuss several research paper topics. A research paper is a detailed explanation and a thorough description of your topic. 

Anyone can write a research paper after doing deep research. But the main question arises on selecting from several topics for research paper

Which factors to be kept in mind while making a research report?

  1. Systematic

Your research paper should be structured before writing it. You should connect all the information and write it step-wise. If the research paper is not written systematically, then the reader can get confused. 

  1. Logical

A good research paper should contain factual information. If you include assumptions or any false information in it, then it will lose its reliability. 

  1. Tangible

Tangible refers to something that you can see or feel. Here, tangible means your research paper should include accurate information that has value. It would help if you used solid facts in your research paper.   

  1. Replicable

The replicability of a research paper shows good quality. Your presentation of data, information, logic should be designed in such a way that the reader can easily replicate it. 

  1. Understandable 

A good research paper is easy to understand. You should exclude all the points which create ambiguity.

  1. Comprehensive 

Detailed information should be provided in your research paper. It should completely mention every information regarding each topic covered. Too much information should not be written. 

  1. Creative

Obviously, your research paper will be built on previous research. But it should offer something new to the previous research. It should have the potential to suggest a direction for future research.

  1.  Relevant 

There is an ocean of information out on the internet and the real world. A good researcher should select relevant information out of that ocean. The chosen information should be related to the topic and should cover every aspect of the topic.

The above points should be kept in mind while making a research paper. These points will help you to execute a proper research paper.

NOW! shall we look up different topics for research paper?

Here topics are divided based on different fields. Let’s explore them! 

  • How do organizations use CSR to boost their brand equity? 
  • How can brand image be represented via social media marketing? 
  • How does advertising impact consumer behavior?
  • How does global marketing incorporate standardization?  
  • Impact of brand image on consumer loyalty.
  • Outcomes of advertising in recession. 
  • Understanding why content goes viral. 
  • Is display advertising going to die?
  • How does the economy affect the social and political aspects of a country? 
  • Factors contributing to unemployment. 
  • Gambling and its subsequent effects on the economy. 
  • Gender and the buying capability. 
  • What are the basic elements of a growing economy? 
  • How advancement in technology affects the economy? 
  • The real-estate economy. 
  • Demand elasticities.
  • How will COVID-19 change working around the globe? 
  • Are we moving towards the third world war? 
  • Is India a moneyless nation or an emerging superpower? 
  • What sports should be added to the Olympic games? 
  • What is the best recent film inspired by a novel? 
  • What current ideas are scientists researching to reduce the problem of malaria? 
  • What is the recent evidence that Mars has had water and maybe life?
  • What are the teachings the medical community will get from COVID-19?
  • The change of approaches to education throughout history. 
  • Education and gender: same-sex schools vs. mixed-sex schools.
  • Theoretical education vs. practical education. 
  • What is basic education in different countries and why? 
  • Shall parents be involved in the educational procedure? 
  • The role of a teacher as a moral guide. 
  • The history of the best universities in the world. 
  • Dress code and school rules. 
  • Differences in the working of the brain of a man and a woman. 
  • How does peer pressure affect teenagers? 
  • What causes bullying behavior among children? 
  • How do sleeping disorders affect our mental illnesses? 
  • How to control depressing thoughts regarding death? 
  • Which therapy practices are helpful to cure addictions? 
  • What are the physical symptoms of a mental disorder in children? 
  • How can aggression be controlled? 
  • The beauty standards and their impact on overall health throughout the history of humanity. 
  • Going vegan: when, why, and how it can improve your health? 
  • Puberty and health issues connected with it.
  • Plastic surgery: is it safe for health? 
  • What shall we consider while choosing healthy food? 
  • Body positivity: the ignorance of the body problem or the new standard of health? 
  • Ancient health practices are still useful in modern life. 
  • The differences between public and private healthcare.
  • Death and immortality in ancient Egypt. 
  • U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. 
  • Civil war facts and controversies. 
  • South America colonization. 
  • Women’s civil rights in the 18th century in France. 
  • Japanese Americans in the second world war. 
  • The United States and slavery. 
  • Nuclear age cause and effect.

Of course, the above-written topics are not the only ones. There are plenty of other topics too. Above are some basic yet important topics.

First, you select a particular topic related to a respective field. After selecting your topic, you should keep some points in mind before starting. 


  1. Figure out your thesis early.
  1. Every statement that you provide should be backed up with research.
  1. Do all your research before you start writing.


A research paper is an essay which is written by academics. It includes a thorough study of a particular topic. Before starting your research paper, you should know about your topic properly. The above discussed are some topics for research paper that may solve your problem of choosing one.


What is a research title?

The title comprises the main idea behind your research. The title of your research paper should be short and contain important words. A title is the first thing that a reader notices. If your title is very lengthy and boring, it will leave a bad impression.

So it would help if you brainstormed a little more over it. 

What topics should be avoided in research?

You should avoid the following types of topics in your research:

  1. Topics that are not so important for the audience.
  2. Topics in which you are not interested.
  3. Topics on which limited information is available.
  4. Topics that can create controversies.
  5. Topics that are too common.

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