Artwork For Kids 2-3 Years Old: Specific Features Of Conducting Classes

Mom, mom, look, what a miracle I’ve done artwork for kids! How great joy and pride in the baby’s eyes. Still: he himself made something new with his own hands, something that was not there before, and he succeeded! Want to create artwork for kids. Handicrafts for a 2-3-year-old handicraft child are very important: it is both a way to declare oneself as a person and knowledge of the world. And if something suddenly breaks (disassembled toys: dolls left without hands, and cars without wheels) – it is also a creation because to make something, you need to know how something works. This is how the world is known. With the participation of adults and, first of all, parents, it was learned faster.

artwork for kids

Features of young artwork for kids

Recognize the song from the playful artwork for kids’ children’s cartoon “Be calm, monkeys”? He perfectly describes the psychological characteristics of those “out of the cradle”: two or three -year -old boys. Being hyperactive and inability to focus on something specific for a long time at this age is the norm. After all, the child’s thought processes are still unintentional. Therefore, when planning an activity with your baby, choose simple arts. Artwork for kids 2-3 years old, needle making should not exceed 15 minutes. Time is given with a margin since the concentration of attention at this age is only possible for 3-5 minutes.

What arts for a 2-3 year old child are better to choose?

  1. Does not require sitting in one place for more than 15 minutes: we should remember the line from the song mentioned above about a pound of explosives.
  2. Easy to do: a reference point in the adage about perseverance and work is premature.
  3. These can be finished in 15 minutes. Choose a craft that you have time to do during this time, so that you can teach your child to finish the job.
  4. Choose a job option that will surely be interesting and the result will impress the child.
  5. 5.Educational art for kids 2-3 years old are an ideal choice for an integrated lesson. Therefore, try to combine the needle in developing speaking, logic, and self-service skills.

The main condition for practicing creativity: mainly the baby should do the work, the mother is just motivating, guides.


Creating masterpieces with finger paint is an exciting experience of artwork for kids. When the child learns not only to stain himself with paint but also to run his finger on the paper, strengthening his handles, give him a thick (for convenience) brush. At age 2, we had an experienced actor who went through the marina stage and came to the skewers and line stage. You can feel free to start cool drawing little men from the song “Point, point, comma – a curved face came out with a pen.” At the age of two and a half – three years, the child gets his first cephalopod itself.


All mothers know how important it is to develop the fine motor skills of the baby’s hands. Modeling is one of the ideal choices for a model for its growth. It’s great to start an artwork for kids modeling when he or she is one year old. First, introduce the baby to the sculpture material. By the way, you should pay attention to the best choice of what you need to sculpt art with your baby. Artwork for kids 2-3 years old, the ideal element is changed. You can cook it yourself, or you can buy it in stores that specialize in selling baby products. You can also buy related products for modeling: rolling pins, stacks, stamps, and molds for cutting figures.

So, we start modeling lessons with simple tasks: knead the dough, roll out a loaf, squeeze small pieces out of it.

Next, we teach the child to roll a cake from the dough using a rolling pin, cut the numbers from the cake using molds (you can combine the lesson with the applique by gluing the numbers to a sheet of cardboard).

Prepare a template with a simple pattern for the class. For example, a tree, and the child happily clings to it.


For classes, you will need the prepared parts that need to be glued, a base, and glue (ideally, starch or flour paste). The option to apply to the leaves of the tree is possible if you are doing autumn leaves. Artwork for kids 2-3 years old, classes should be conducted in ascending order of difficulty.

The first stage is the child’s acquaintance with glue, its properties, and the algorithm of work: we first spread the piece with glue, then we apply it to the paper and press it.

It is important to immediately draw the child’s attention to the fact that he is holding the part with one hand, which he rubbed with glue.

Once all the difficulties of the glue machine have been passed, you can proceed to a more creative process: developing compositions from pre-cut senior elements.


The lesson is very useful, because, in addition to the fine motor skills of the hands, it will develop the child’s spatial thinking. Of course, the child himself can not cope with the role of the designer. But there is always a mom, dad who will help you make something interesting. There are ready-made kits – handicrafts artwork for kids 2-3 years old, which allow you to collect numbers from many large parts. Perform an unplanned walking lesson.

Other handy items are also suitable for designing: thread balls, cardboard bases from toilet paper rolls, all kinds of boxes and boxes. One has only to show imagination.


At the age of 2 to 3 years, children’s thinking develops visually and effectively, therefore, creativity is very important, in the process of which the child acquires skills in handling objects, work, self-service. , speech.

The main thing is not to forget the rule: the child should like what he does.

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