12 ways on how to spot fake Airpods pro

The ingenuity of products is a sad reality in today’s world, and it is very common for things that are expensive and coveted by people. Apple products are mostly victims of the counterfeit Industry.

Previously there were fake i phones and now Airpods have also grabbed the attention of counterfeiters. With the level of perfection with which they are creating the fake AirPods, it is really difficult to differentiate between air pods pro fake vs real.

Airpods cloning is increasing these days and unless you have a trained eye, it is really difficult to discern it from the originals. In this article, we will guide you on how to spot fake AirPods pro, so that become sure that you are getting the original ground-breaking pieces for the price that you are paying for them.

Apple AirPods guarantee high quality and performance but for a cheaper budget-friendly clone one you will not get that quality and performance. This blog is especially for those who have already purchased a pair of Apple AirPods and want to verify whether it is authentic or not.

Pricing :-

Pricing is the major difference that we can notice in the case of authentic and fake AirPods. Real AirPods pro is highly expensive and the fake ones will not be that much expensive.

Though there are deals and promos across the board which can sometimes get you an authentic pair of AirPods for a reasonable price.

So just because you are buying it for a lower price we cannot conclude that the AirPods are fake. Though in most cases people purchase Apple AirPods pro for a retail price of Rs.21,400.

But there are chances that your AirPods are fake if you have purchased your AirPods under Rs.5000 and that too from a black Friday sale or a super low discount sale.

Always keep in mind that such a top-class product cannot be available at an unbelievably low price. If it is available then there is surely an authenticity problem.


The best and the easiest way to find out the authenticity of your AirPods is the packaging. Unless your AirPods are the first copy of the Apple product, you can easily figure out whether your AirPods are genuine or not from the packaging.

There can be cases where the packaging is done so well that it seems almost authentic.


The original Apple air pods come in a clean white box while the fake ones usually come in an off white or slightly yellowish box.From this you can have an idea whether the product is genuine or not.


The authentic Airpods pro comes with definite labeling which is uniform everywhere all over the world. When you find that your box does not have the same labeling as the real ones, then there are chances that it is a fake product.

Snug Fit:-

Apple products like iPhones, I pads and Macbook always come in snug and fit the packaging. If the packaging of your product is not tight and comes off very easily then the product may not be a genuine Apple product.


Most of us generally do not read the technical specs on the packaging. But it is extremely important for figuring out the fact that whether you are having fake or real Airpods pro.

If the fake one’s packaging has been made in non-English speaking countries then you will surely find some spelling errors. If the text which you find on your AirPods box is in the Chinese language then it is a red alert.

Serial Number:-

The most appropriate way to authenticate your Air pods is to find the serial number of the device and then checking it through checkcoverage.apple.com.When a user runs this code Apple confirms whether it is their authentic product or not. Be sure to inspect your Airpods thoroughly.

According to the latest report, the manufacturer of fake air pods have gone through a lot of detailing to develop the replicate packaging. So now it will be better to look for minor inconsistencies like the fake air pods boxes have a thicker font than the original one.

The San Francisco font is Apple’s universal typeface since 2017, so if you are finding any other type of font on the AirPods boxes, then easily consider it as a fake product. The authentic box has the text in a simple grey color. So if you are finding any other color or text type then it is surely the fake one.

Real vs Fake Airpods Case:-

The Airpods case is the best indicator for distinguishing between AirPods pro fake vs real. The fake Airpods cases are made from low quality plastic and it looks glossy white. While the real case is made from top-quality material and the white color of the case is a little duller.

Although it may look a little dull but by seeing it once anyone can say that it is made of high quality plastic material.

Though the fake Airpods are increasingly becoming similar to the original one, due to the huge difference in the price all things cannot be replaced.

The hinges of the original Airpods case are extremely smooth and are made of good quality steel material.

The craftsmanship of the hinge of original Airpods is extraordinary, there is virtually no space when one will close the lid. It looks absolutely smooth and perfect.

But the manufacturers of fake Airpods have not developed this level of craftsmanship. So you can spot gaps between the hinges. On noticing carefully you can see that the hinges have sharp edges and are made of poor quality steel.

The hinges on the fake Airpods are polished and reflective while the original ones are not like that.

Sound Quality :-

Though this might depend on the price and quality of Airpods clones, still the authentic Apple AirPods have superior sound quality in comparison to any clone AirPods.The best selling point of the real AirPods pro is its high-quality sound.

If your AirPods are constantly missing high, low, or mid in sound quality then there are chances that it might not be the original one.

Connectivity :-

Apple-designed Airpods to provide wireless earphone experience and as it is powered by the revolutionary W1 chip so Airpods can smoothly and quickly pair with your phone.

This is how to spot fake Airpods pro, if you find any loopholes in connectivity then that is not the authentic Airpods. Airpods pro is capable of long-range connectivity up to 100 feet.


Apple AirPods have some unique functions which are not possible for replica manufacturers to incorporate in their device due to the difference in budget.

Original Airpods pro comes with a wireless charging capability. The fake ones are not compatible and do not function on a wireless charger. So if you have a doubt that you are dealing with the fake one, place it on a wireless charger to find out.

Fake Airpods pro do not have the instant connect feature.

Port :-

The easiest way of Air pod authentication is by examining the port on the charging case. In most cases, you will find a micro USB or a Type C USB port instead of a lightning port. Manufacturers usually incorporate a micro USB port to fit their budget.

It is not possible for manufacturers to equip the fake Airpods with original lightning ports as in that case they need to incorporate a battery compatible with that charge and also upgrade some of the internal components.

So the lack of a lightning port on the charging case is the best way to check your Airpods authenticity.

In the following ways you can differentiate the two:

Colour: Manufacturers who include micro USB ports in the charging case mostly forget to change the color. So you can just tell which is real and which fake by just glancing at the port.

Shape: Shape is the second important factor. The metallic outline on the micro USB port is much thicker than the lightning port.

Finally we can say that,:-

The best way to avoid buying fake AirPods and AirPods pro are by purchasing them from an official Apple store or a trusted retailer. If you are planning on investing in Airpods, then we recommend you to buy legitimate ones.

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