Seven Mission-Critical Email Hosting Services Streamlining the Business Processes

Email is regarded as the hub of almost every business[es] – whether it is related to Cloud QuickBooks hosting or any other type i.e. construction. Moreover, it will be offering the easiest way to communicate, both internally and externally. 

It’s where you get your most important notifications – these may either be of tax filing or trending accounting softwares. And it will non-hesitantly be offering you the storage space – for – archiving critical information and then, sharing the mandatory files. 

While this will be much tempting – picking up the experienced email provider – based on – brand familiarity, it is – simultaneously – important – to review your available options – before committing any of the services – which will become – your team’s most-used service. 

Those Seven Best Email Hosting Services

The best email hosting provider won’t be allowing you to reliably send and then, receive, the domain-related emails, but the additional tools may be offered. These will complete the list – beginning from the shared contacts and then, ending with the calendars for your firm or the enterprise.

With the sole purpose of making your choices clear and mission-critical, we have listed the tested and compared email hosting services – which will be helping the top businesses survive well – amongst their competitors.

# Email Hosting Service One – Office 365

If your employees are still – relying upon Microsoft Office and the associated apps such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel – for finishing their workloads, the best option for their appropriate email hosting will – probably be – Office 365’s Business Premium plan.

Instead, the Office 365 Business Premium has bundled well – all of those features – which you – or the QuickBooks Cloud users – will be needing from a hosted email service. This may be exemplified as email sending and receiving, spam and data loss prevention, and custom domain addresses —along with the Office apps – all those will be used by your employees daily. 

After opting for its single subscription, you will be getting the hosted email and web, mobile, and desktop access to the renowned applications – Microsoft’s Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype, and OneNote apps.

And additionally, Office 365 Business Premium will also be giving your employees encrypted access to some of newer Microsoft’s workplace tools, here, Microsoft Teams (a team chat tool) will also be included, then, Yammer (an internal social media app), and at last – Microsoft Planner.

# Email Hosting Service Two – G Suite

If your current organization prefers more using cloud-based tools, then, for that organization, G Suite is the best email hosting option.

G Suite may be pronounced as Google’s alternative to Office 365, henceforth, combining email hosting with the company’s communication and collaboration apps. 

With the help of this auspicious G Suite subscription, you will be able to get a minimum of thirty [30 GB] of storage space [per user]—though the higher-tier plans will be providing unlimited storage—plus the synchronized shared contacts and calendars too. Undoubtedly, Gmail’s recent redesign will be helping you view your calendar – without leaving your Gmail inbox.

You will also be getting access to the entire set of  Google’s workplace communication and the necessary collaboration tools – Hangouts for messaging and voice/video conferencing will be included, then, the Team Drives in Google Drive for the unavoidable shared cloud file storage, and access to the Google Docs, Slides, and sheets—some of the easiest file-editing and real-time collaboration tools available – on fingertips.

Moreover, the administration tools offered by Google can simply be used and increasingly acquiring the advanced features needed by the businesses. These administration tools may be Google Vault – for the appropriate compliance archival. And since, it’s still the already-known Gmail that your team has already onboarded – this won’t be disappointing anytime.

# Email Hosting Service Three – Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace – or the Zoho’s version of Office 365 and G Suite – will now be offering hosted email, contacts, and calendars, as well as Zoho’s collaboration and communication apps: Docs (for the unavoidable cloud storage), Office Suite (for collaborating and creating on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), and Cliq (for chatting with the team members).

Besides, Zoho Mail is a modernized email with undefeatable social networking-style features. Instead of sending a lengthy message – with a signature or the subject, one can feasibly be sending a quick stream message to their colleagues [these may be interested in Qb Hosting]—or sharing an attractive email from a client – that still requires collaboration. 

Later, the employees may include shared email inboxes as well, thus, everyone in the marketing team can reliably be sharing the same press and partner emails, then, searching through them all – along – with their emails. And, it’s known in the market – a tabbed app, so you must be sincerely switching between your calendar, inbox, and a draft email in a tap.

# Email Hosting Service Four – Rackspace

When you are in dire need of both – a verified email hosting and variability of communication plus the collaboration apps, the Rackspace suite will undoubtedly be making some sense—you will now be using multiple tools at a single monthly premium. 

But if in case, all you need is email hosting, then you must not be paying extra cents for all of the add-on tools. Also, Rackspace has two great options for consideration: Hosted Exchange or email hosting.

Indistinguishably, Rackspace’s core hosted email service will be providing the basics – this will be helping you manage the team’s email, contacts, and calendars. Even one may surely be accessing all those three on the Rackspace’s application, or synchronizing the same – to the required desktop and/or mobile email client. 

For more advanced email features such as shared calendars and contacts, push email, and archival tools, Rackspace has also offered a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange. It’s assertively a cost-effective solution as we are getting the same features – like running Exchange on our servers—without installing or maintaining anything. 

# Email Hosting Service Five – IceWarp

If you work for an enterprise that is providing email accounts to their premium clients, IceWarp will be giving them tools that will feasibly be managing email accounts and addresses – which may be used for Qb Cloud invoices on multiple domains. 

Plus, IceWarp is also supporting white labeling, so we must now be adding the organization’s branding to the webmail accounts created for the premium clients, or we will also be customizing webmail for different clients with their required branding.

In addition to all of these –  to email hosting and shared calendars and contacts, IceWarp won’t deny offering its suite of collaboration tools – they will be a part of your subscription. Then, you will be getting access to IceWarp’s custom document, presentation, and editors’ spreadsheet; team chats; and video and voice conferencing. 

# Email Hosting Service Six – FastMail

FastMail will primarily be focusing on the core email experience, but it also has included the business-focused team features you’d surely be expecting. Even it is much easier to share calendars and contacts across the entire firm, then, add the relevant customized branding to the app and login screen(s), and the other employees may also add a company footer to everyone’s sent emails. 

It even has included brilliant bonus features, thereby letting all of us – store the mandatory files alongside the relevant email attachments and then, distributing access to them via FTP. Thus, one can surely be publishing all those with a simply a personalized website, affirmingly hosted in the FastMail storage.

For a tool sincerely focused just on the email essentials of messages and calendar events, FastMail is a great choice for these individuals and business-oriented personalities. Henceforth, this is both powerful and fast, with the mobile and web apps that will be making it easy to figure out – who said – what in an email conversation. 

# Email Hosting Service Seven – GreatMail

GreatMail will undoubtedly be offering the basic email hosting and custom domain addresses with two plan options.

Also, its Standard plan costs one dollar(s) for a month – for each mailbox (with minimum support of the fifteen mailboxes), and it will also be giving you ten-gigabytes of storage – for each acquired mailbox. And, this will be offering built-in spam protection, access to its webmail client, and POP3/IMAP and SMTP connections – for connecting – with no interruptions – to an email client.

If you are planning to connect QuickBooks Remote Desktop Services with the shared calendars, shared contacts, and 25GB storage per mailbox,  this can also be done as the GreatMail will be supporting POP or IMAP protocols – so that one can actively exchange the services’-related emails – with the premium clients. Also, it is the least expensive email hosting service.

Were the listed seven email hosting services mission-critical?

Whether it is about connecting to the premium clients or finding a perfect balance between the business standards and the domain addresses, all these seven – these can also be the eight best email hosting services – aren’t only mission-critical, but award-winning too.

The QuickBooks Hosting Providers or the other professionals might not be liking them – since their add-on features are limited with the price-tags. But still, the owners of the bigger enterprises or the accounting firms must be accessing them.

Through them, it will be easier to send customize templates – somewhere adhering to the IMAP or the POP protocols. Henceforth, instead of ignoring them, the professionals or the accounting or construction owners must use any of them – thereby making their operations hassle-free.

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