Common Causes of Hard and Jammed Steering Wheel

What’s controlling a vehicle without steering? It’s the brain of the car that lets you drive it perfectly. But what if this gets jammed and hard? Won’t you find driving this car difficult? Isn’t it going to be a tough task managing such a car on the roads? But do you know what can cause this jammed and hard steering?

What makes your steering hard and jammed?

Never ever underestimate jammed steering and its effects. If this problem occurs in the middle of a drive, then you can face a nasty accident which not only harms you but even leaves your car good for nothing. Such vehicles are bundled up at the junkyard and given away as scrap in exchange for cash for cars in Auckland to Mega Car Collection. They, being the best scrap car collectors, pick them up from your doorsteps and recycle its used parts. And all these happen just because of a steering wheel that went kaput during your drive. But do you know what causes this issue? If not, then keep reading.

1. Uneven tyre pressure

You will be surprised to know that one of the biggest causes of a steering wheel turning hard is your tyre pressure. If the tyre is not properly inflated, then it directly impacts the proper wheel alignment which ultimately triggers a steering hardship. There is always a recommended percentage of tyre inflation given in your car’s manual. Remember to follow that instruction very carefully if you want your steering wheel to work swiftly during your drive.

2. Bad steering rack

The steering rack is joined to the wheels of the car through various shafts and U-joints. This rack gets prone to common wear and tear due to the daily usage of the car. If you find the steering wheel jammed immediately after you start the car, then most probably the steering rack is the reason behind it. But as soon as you continue driving the car, it loosens and becomes normal. This rack also gets jammed because of the hot engine and lack of lubrication. So, if you continue to drive the car when it is in a worn-out condition or is heated, then you will definitely just escalate the problem.

3. Broken serpentine belt

Now, this is another very important part that connects your steering to the wheels. And if the serpentine belt is broken or damaged in your vehicle, then you will definitely face a very hard and jammed steering wheel. The most common cause of the breaking of this belt is due to constant usage or a sudden jerk in the car.

4. Inadequate fluid

Fluid leakage is quite common in your steering system. But believe us, whenever this happens, your steering does not obey your instructions. That is why when you find the issue of inadequate fluid in your steering and it gets jammed, immediately check for the leakages in your system. If possible, take the car to a mechanic to manage the problem.

 These are some of the very common reasons for your steering turning adamant. Apart from it, you will also find a similar situation happening when the fluid is really thick in your steering system or there is a pumping malfunction in your vehicle. Yes, the causes of a hard to turn steering are many, but these can be ignored if you are properly servicing and maintaining your car regularly.

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