A Indian Passport online is a movement record utilized while voyaging abroad. for instruction, the travel industry, journey, clinical participation, business purposes and family visits.It is given by the nation’s administration and holds the personality of the Passport holder like name, Date of Birth, Place of birth, nationality,date of expiry, visa number, photograph and signature.similar to an Identity confirmation.

Residents of Trinidad and Tobago should apply to the Immigration Division of the Ministry of National Security to: 

Get their first visa.

Restore their current identification. 

Supplant their lost, taken or harmed identification. 

Machine Readable visas for people sixteen (16) a long time and more established are substantial for ten (10) a long time and travel papers for people under sixteen (16) years old are legitimate for five (5) a long time.

You can apply for a Trinidad and Tobago identification in case you are a resident of Trinidad and Tobago by all things considered: 

Birth, and you didn’t surrender your citizenship preceding July 29, 1988. 

Enlistment or Naturalization (through endorsement of the Minister of National Security). 

Drop (you were brought into the world to a parent Trinidad and Tobago resident at the hour of your introduction to the world). 

You should plan to apply for, restore or supplant your machine decipherable visa by planning an online identification arrangement. 

When making the arrangement, if it’s not too much trouble, be ready to give: 

Your name 

Your recognizable proof number as all things considered: 

Your appointive ID number 

Your driver’s grant number 

Your current visa number 

Your space of home 

Your favored visa office area. You can choose from workplaces in: 

Port of Spain 

San Fernando 

Sangre Grande 


Point Fortin 


People looking for assisted travel papers for crisis or humane reasons should visit the identification office helpful to them. Speed up international IDs are given depending upon the situation.

Your identification application structure ought to be finished preceding your arrangement. Note that your application structure will be dismissed if: 

Your structure has collapsed. 

You utilize fluid paper to address blunders on your structure. 

You ought to likewise make copies of all your documentation, including your identification application. 

Directions for Printing Passport Forms:- 

Print the structures utilizing a 81/2” * 14″ setting and print on Legal Size (81/2″ * 14″) paper. 

Print on the two sides of the paper (Duplex)

You should pay an identification application with an endless supply of your application, solely after all prerequisites have been met. The charge you need to pay will be dictated by a few variables, like your age. You may demand that you be given a 48-page business identification rather than the conventional 32-page visa, which will likewise influence the expense you pay. Kindly contact the Immigration Division for a rundown of all identification application charges in Trinidad and Tobago. Installment might be made by bank (LINX) card at any Immigration Office or Sub-Office in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Charges outside of Trinidad and Tobago may shift as indicated by the nation where the Trinidad and Tobago unfamiliar mission is found. Kindly contact the suitable unfamiliar mission for more data.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will initially decide whether you are a Dutch public. Provided that this is true, you are qualified for an identification or ID card. 

Your identification or ID card will be prepared in around 3 weeks. You might be approached to give extra reports to assist us with surveying your application. All things considered, the choice period will be expanded


Step 1: visit Indian passport online portal

Step 2: Fill the application structure on the web

Step 3 : Make an Online Installment

Step 4: The executive will process your visa application and book an arrangement date.

Step 5: Obtain a visa through identification.

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