All you need to know about GIIS Scholarships for International Students

Getting a scholarship in student life is a great achievement in itself and if the scholarship is to study in your dream school abroad, wouldn’t that be icing on the cake. 

It’s no secret that getting admission to an international school offers students the tremendous opportunity to make new friends, understand their culture, and explore a whole new city. If you wish to study abroad in one of the GIIS Campuses? Then GIIS provides international scholarships

Yes, studying abroad is expensive but with the right scholarship, it can be affordable. The important thing is to find the right scholarships for which you are eligible. 

Benefits of Scholarship and Why should you apply?

  1. Scholarships Make Education Affordable 
  2. Students that Win Scholarships have an added advantage over others during admission in their dream college or university
  3. Scholarships open the door to Networking with many great people 
  4. You can pursue your education without putting a financial burden on parents
  5. Earning a Scholarship on a merit basis is an achievement in itself that shows your hard work and dedication.

About GIIS

Known as the global school of the future, GIIS is one of the Best indian schools in Kuala Lumpur. It has 22 campuses in 7 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, and India) and has received over 150+ awards in education excellence.

Providing the best education and facilities, GIIS is quite affordable compared to other Kuala Lumpur international schools. 

Get detailed information on school fees as per curricula and grades for the year 2021-2022 (April 01, 2021, to March 31, 2022) from the link below

The Global Indian International School has been helping to sort out many educational needs of students through various programs and initiatives and scholarship is one such program to reward the students for their hard work and excellence. GIIS also aims to make quality education affordable and accessible to all students from different economic brackets. Therefore they also offer scholarship programs to support parents under financial burden while rewarding meritorious students.

Benefits of International School Kuala Lumpur

  • Individual attention
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Multilingual
  • STEM Education
  • Global Perspective
  • International Curriculum
  • Personality Development
  • Excellent Career Opportunities

The scholarships offered by GIIS

The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship (GFRM)

GFRM  is for merit students who portray academic excellence to study at one of the campuses of their choice within their own countries of residence. The prominent GFRM scholarship provides a great learning experience and prepares the student to become a global citizen to have easier access to reputable universities.

This scholarship is offered to a very limited number of meritorious students (existing and new admissions students)

To know more information on Scholarship Value, Process, Disbursal Criteria and T&C, check the link below.

9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to merit students to develop their inherent strengths and shape their personalities and make them well-rounded citizens.

GIIS’ 9​ GEMS ​has won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for being an Innovative teaching method in 2014 by the Institute of Directors.

9GEMS is designed to support maximum leverage of pedagogy and it balances academics, sports, visual and performing arts, personality development, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership, universal values and ethics, community and care, skill and development.

To know Under which Curricula it is offered, Eligibility Criteria, Scholarship Process, Disbursal Criteria and T&C, check the link below.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Universal Values Merit Cum Means Scholarship.

This scholarship is a merit cum means scholarship given to top academic performers who need financial assistance to advance their education. 

Scholarships are offered to the brightest and most distinguished students who have achieved excellence in various fields including, academics, sports, and science.

Check Scholarship Process, Disbursal Criteria, and T&C carefully so that you do not miss important information.

DR APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

This Scholarship Program is provided to students who are tech-savvy and their natural inclination towards technology is excellent. This scholarship is awarded to such young talents in order to encourage them to succeed in the field of digital space.

Check Scholarship Process, Disbursal Criteria, and T&C from the given link below.