Amazing Facts About Roller Skates That You Should Know Some Mind-blowing Facts About Roller Skates

Surprisingly, roller skates have been around for more than a century now. The popularity of roller skates has been like the roller coaster over the years, from the time it was a craze to the time its presence was left overlooked. It has seen it all. Today when you can buy everything online you can find these online skate shops to purchase them without even making an effort to step out of the home to buy them. 

Though the era may have drastically changed due to the technology these skates have managed to be around. Today along with skates, people shop for skateboards online and roller blades online. To feel amused by being able to control those wheels by their feet.

A necessity if the mother of invention! What necessity could be there behind the requirement of roller skates?

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  • Its inventor John Joseph Merlin was invited to a party. All he wished was to make a remarkable entry in the part with the roller skates under the feet and violin in the hand to play music along. Neither he had practised the roller skates before making the entry nor the roller skates were built to turn efficiently. He ended up crashing in the mirror but this was the first-time people became aware of something called roller skates. 
  • Miss Hattie Baldwin and Mr W. McGrath in 1912 made their wedding vows on roller skates making it the first record and also inspiring many people to do it. 
  • Roller skates made it easier to serve the food. You might have seen the recent viral video of a food server on the skates losing balance and spilling the food and the drink on the person waiting for it in the car. Well, that was just an accident but these skates have a successful history of serving and delivering food.  
  • It is fun to skate but it has immense fitness benefits too. As per the research, roller skating involves approx. 80% of your muscles. So, while skating for an hour you would be doing cardio and burning calories as much as 650. Isn’t that amazing? Now your favourite sport would be a great way to stay fit too. 
  • Hey! Look at that kid skating there, isn’t he so cool? Yes, it is considered something that all the cool kids do and also the kids who want to cool do. Not just kids but many celebrities have shown off their skating skills including the great Charlie Chaplin. 
  • There is a record of the largest parade in the Guinness book of world records. It took place in Paris on 15 June 2008. The reason this parade made it to the Guinness book of a world record is it participants wore roller skates making it the largest parade of roller skaters.

It has records on its name, people of all ages love it, it is not just for fun people have so many memories attached to it. Still, do not limit yourself to just roller-skating, shop for skateboards onlineroller blades online and so on to explore more.

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