Online learning best to Keep your children Busy in Lockdown 2021

This coronavirus pandemic has led to making 1.2 million children out of the classrooms which is consequently affecting their student life. I saw in my neighbourhood children of every age engaged in mobile phones and PSP during lockdown. Taking advantage of the complete shutdown of educational institutes, children are enjoying it as a vacation. Like other parents, are you also worried about your student’s academic life?

No need to worry more, online teaching has replaced the traditional style of teaching. There have been numerous online learning platforms introduced so as to ease the kid’s life. Guru at home is also an ed-tech start up from India with a goal to provide top class learning to every student. This online institute of learning comes up with various courses and skills for every age student which they can learn engagingly and effectively with proper guidance of an online tutor.

  • How lockdown affected students

Most of the children lost their habit of studying. They no longer find studies interesting because of leisure time they have been enjoying from the initial months of pandemic. Also, their sleeping routine was disturbed as they were binge watching movies. No physical activity was a part of their life because this pandemic outbreak has confined us to small rooms.

  • How Online classes helped children in keeping busy in lockdown?

Schools and educational institutes are completely shut down because of which student life is completely spoiled. Studies are compromising as well as the ability of grasping among the students is losing. Introduction of online classes platform has helped a lot in making student life interesting. Unlike other Online classes it is not only related to studies, Guru at home is also providing the students with ample of courses beginning from first grade to twelfth grade coaching, in addition to this, there are courses for co-curricular activities such as dance, yoga, guitar, reading classes, chess, art and craft and many more. Also, there’s a special coding course for students who are good at computers.

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Due to lockdown, we can no longer go out to play because of which children are becoming couch potatoes. This yoga class has done wonders in maintaining the health of the students physically and mentally. Exercise helps the children in giving them peace of mind as well as being physically healthy.

Staying at home has somewhat restricted the thought process. Creativity comes from within, in pandemic situations, art n craft classes can help them in not letting their creativity die. Daily classes help to carve out the potential of each and every student out on drawing sheets with proper virtual training.

At a young age student are really fond of learning new things. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, online classes for learning musical instruments are best. These Guitar learning classes are very beneficial as children get keen in learning new skills which will ultimately engage their time in doing something productive throughout the day. Also, the classes are conducted at flexible hours as per the convenience of the child.

Lockdown is one of the best times where students can invest their time in learning coding because it requires ample time to become an excel coder. If the student is ready to give time and effort for learning coding, after doing regular practice they become proficient at it and do wonders in computer programming.

Learning a new language can be a challenging task, but online training sessions provided at Guru at home have really made the process of learning easy. Learning a third language would really help the students in developing their mind which eventually makes their mind sharp. Also, the catching power improves in terms of other subjects as well.

As the schools are not open, teaching patterns have completely changed. Online classes play a role of providing a virtual classroom where the concepts are explained in the same manner to the students. Thus, Guru at Home provides flexible hour training to the students of every grade as per their convenience. Also, Personalized sessions make it easier for the student to interact with the tutor and clear doubts of every topic.

Are online classes for kids a good choice in lockdown?

Keeping in mind the pandemic situation, making children attend online classes is one of the best decisions. In order to secure the future of the student, it is a must for parents to keep engaging their students in some or the other productive activity.In growing age , children learn faster than other ages as per the fact, so online classes will really help children in developing their mind with new things which will help in future ultimately.

Moreover, parents who are not able to give their time to children for studies online classes are the best source for making children learn at home safely in the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to this, parents will be stress free as they feel satisfied when they see their children learning and not wasting time. Also, studies are also not getting compromised. Other co-curricular activities online classes also keep students healthy mentally and physically. 

Why choose Us

  • Flexible hours for classes
  • Trainers with experience of 5+ years
  • Affordable Fees
  • Personal Attention to kids
  • Adopted virtual classroom method of teaching
  • No burden on children
  • Making concepts clear with real life example
  • Personalized live sessions
  • Free demo classes available

All in all, Online classes act as a digital guru in a student’s life. Why waste time, if you have ample time, become productive and learn new skills like coding, guitar, languages, yoga and many more from Guru at Home. Make your child’s future bright by booking a free demo class for any course of your child’s choice. There will not be any chance of disappointments. 

Trainers at Guruathome treat students as their own kid, no need to worry anymore. For parents it’s time to give a sigh of relief as no more children will sit idle and waste time, instead online classes will help to carve the best out of the kid’s potential.


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