Top Tips to Make your Spare Bedrooms Functional

It seems your child has grown up and moved away for an independent life, to a new house. So, now you have a spare bedroom that is not of any use to anybody. Now, everyone has a different consideration of how to utilise the spare space in the home. Some people just lock it up and consider it as a storeroom, while others read such posts and think of how to transform these bedrooms into spaces that are both functional and add to the beauty of the house.

Best ways to make the most of your spare bedrooms

Before you start decorating the room in a new way and give it an entirely fresh title, we suggest that you let your child come and take away any souvenirs they may like to keep from this space. Next, you have to call a good gib stopper in Auckland from FQS Interior to perfect the walls and frames of the house via their best-trained men before you select a fresh coat of paint to adorn this room. Remember, your choice of colour, the furniture, and even the new décor items should totally be dependent on the type of room you are turning this space into. And for the ideas to consider for this new space, read on.

1. A comfortable guest room

The most common and quickest transformation of your spare bedroom is considering it as a new guest room in the house. In such cases, you don’t have to go for the revamping of the paints and décor much (unless your child had a Disney themed room!), just removing the personal items of your kid from this room is enough to turn it into a guest room. Just repurpose the furniture – the room must have had a bed and nightstand – add a reading lamp and a nightlight. Ensure that the dresser has a mirror and enough storage space for clothing and luggage. If there is wall space, add some wall art. Check if the power outlets are functional. If you have space and a budget, consider adding a TV. If you don’t have space enough for a designated cosy sitting nook, ensure an ottoman at the foot of the bed. Now when you are expecting a guest, ensure you add a vase of fresh flowers, a water bottle with a glass (with lid), some magazines and a local map, a waste bin, some books, a rug near the bed, fresh towels, and extra sheets – and voila! Your room is guest-ready! Now even your kid can stay for a night or two if she/he decides to visit you for a weekend!

2. Home office

You were probably adjusting in your own bedroom as your workspace at home until now. Since you have got a spare room in the house now, you need not disturb your spouse with the glare of the study light and keyboard clicks anymore.  Turn this room into a nice little home office for you. Make space for a comfortable desk and chair as your working space. You can even put up motivational quotes and shelves to place your stationery along with some additional electrical sockets for your computer and printer. If you want to double it up as a guest room, a daybed with cosy cushions and a storage cabinet with a mirror would do the trick!

3. Crafts or art room

Now that your teenager is not occupying the room and taking up your time, you can fulfil your dream of having a separate craft or art room in the house. Add a large work-table where you can create the masterpieces, built-in cabinetry for the craft supplies, lovely chirpy paint, and décor on the walls and sheer curtains to let the sunlight stream directly in – and you have a nook you can call your own.

These are just a handful of ideas to consider for converting the spare bedroom into a unique new space. You can even try making it the exercise or meditation room, a quiet library or study, a man cave or women’s shed, or simply the walk-in closet you desire so much. Now pick your preference and get set to accomplish this goal.