Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

In almost every supermarket and local pharmacy, you will find several teeth whitening products like toothpaste and gels that promise to make the teeth whiter and brighter. On the other hand, there are several blogs with information about several natural teeth whitening options like activated charcoal which you can use from the comfort of your home to brighten your smile.

Online shops like Amazon has thousands of products for teeth whitening product-related searches, so making the right choice for a teeth-whitening product may be difficult, especially if you need an effective product.

This leads to the big question: do these teeth whitening products work?

Reviewing each whitening product for its effectiveness may not be an easy task. Even when you categorise them into groups like whitening trays, gels and toothpaste, it may still not be easy.

The short and simple answer to this question is that most over-the-counter teeth whitening products do not work. Although some of these products may seem to have an effect on your teeth, they are not safe and do not have a lasting impact on your teeth colour.

Why are over-the-counter teeth whitening products ineffective?

The first thing to consider when checking the effectiveness of a whitening product is the ingredient it contains.

  • The amount of its active ingredient is insufficient

The only active ingredients in teeth whitening products and treatments that can improve teeth colour are carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The amount of these bleaching agents allowed for over the counter products in the UK is 0.1% (hydrogen peroxide) and 0.3% (carbamide peroxide).

This amount of bleaching agent is insufficient to produce a noticeable effect on the teeth.

  • There is no active ingredient

If a whitening product does not contain carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, it cannot whiten your teeth. The most any product without a peroxide-based chemical can do is remove surface teeth stains, but this is not necessarily a good thing.

If the product you apply to your teeth is too abrasive, it may wear off your enamel and give you brighter teeth in the short term. This will damage your teeth and gums in the long run, and when your enamel wears off, it can’t grow back.

You may notice a whitening or teeth brightening effect by removing surface stains on your teeth, but it is best to see a dental professional who will perform teeth whitening that will not damage your teeth.

  • What is the effect of charcoal toothpaste?

Asides from being abrasive, charcoal toothpaste do not affect teeth colour. What most people see as whiter teeth is just a perception because when you put a dark substance on your teeth, your teeth will look brighter when you wash them off.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are unsafe

You may get teeth whitening products with a higher concentration online since some of these products are illegal and unregulated. Still, there are risks associated with using OTC whitening products with a high concentration of the bleaching agent.

If the concentration of a whitening product is high, it can cause irreparable damage to your gums and teeth. The bleaching product may leak out for products requiring trays, increasing the risk of sensitivity, pain, and blistering.

Why opt for professional teeth whitening treatments?

Without consulting your dentist, you cannot know whether your teeth are suitable for a teeth whitening product or treatment. You need to consider different factors, such as your overall oral health, to know if you need a bleaching gel with low strength.

Your desired result and whether you have dental restorations or not can also determine if you can whiten your teeth. With a dental professional, you would have a tailor-made whitening treatment plan.

During your consultation, you will discuss available treatment options such as whitening and orthodontics to help you achieve your desired smile. Your dentist can provide you with custom-made mouth trays to prevent your at-home teeth whitening gel from leaking out. The dentist can also prescribe a whitening gel with up to 6% hydrogen peroxide and 16% carbamide peroxide, which is more effective than other whitening products. If you need a teeth whitening clinic in London for professional teeth whitening treatment, visit this official website or call 020 7043 4315 to schedule an appointment with the dentist.

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