Do you Believe in Child Birth Astrology?

Child brings a different kind of happiness in everyone’s life. Every parent wishes to have a child at some point of life because the child completes the family. People who are not blessed with child are believed to have a weaker horoscope. Medicines and science have helped a lot in increasing the chances of pregnancy but sometimes your fortune does not support you well due to weakening of certain houses in your zodiacs like the fifth house and 2nd house. Childbirth Astrology comes into the picture to strengthening the houses and planets.

Sun is the ruler of the 5th house and it also signifies Life and Energy which makes it important to stay strengthened. Condition of Jupiter should also be favourable for childbirth. Weaking of Venus in the zodiac of any of the partner can cause issues related to child conception and pregnancy. Mars being the ruler of the eighth house, it is most important to have Mars in a favorable position. Only child birth astrology can help you tackle the issues of malefic planets affecting childbirth.

Presence of Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn in the fifth house cannot be said favourable for child birth along with the malefic effect of Mercury. When the fifth lord transit into the 6th, 8th, and 12th house or when 8th lord transit into 5th house it can cause a delay in childbirth. Retrograde planets can cause lots of issues in childbirth but all these cannot be understood by normal people and hence an experienced and expert astrologer in child birth astrology.

Problems like delay in childbirth, frequent abortions, Ganda Moola nakshatra while childbirth, multiple miscarriages, and other problems can be solved by childbirth astrology. Astro friend Chirag and Mr. Nastur Daruwalla are very best Vedic astrologers in New York. They are carrying forward the legacy of their father Shri Bejan Daruwalla and placing happiness in the hands of people who are facing childbirth issues. In this pandemic time, talk to astrologers online and get quick astrologer solutions from home.

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