Hair System Lifespan: How Long Do Wigs Last?

If you are reading this article, you’ve probably made up your mind that wigs are the way to go. That’s a smart move on your part.

Wigs can be a worthy investment, and I’ll tell you why.

First, wigs are stylish and comfortable to wear.

Secondly, wigs come in different styles, colors, and textures. So, when it comes to finding the perfect wig, you will never run short of choices. You will always find what you are looking for, be it a Toupee for women or any other type of hair system you might want.

But have you ever wondered: how long can a wig last? That’s something you would want to know, especially if you are a beginner. Or maybe you would wish to rock that favorite wig for several months.

Either way, that is not an easy question to answer because it all depends on the specific type of wig and how you maintain it. But, in general, human hair wigs are more long-lasting than synthetic ones.

Let’s take a closer look to help you understand.

1. Human Hair

If you are looking for longevity, then human hair it is. A human hair wig can last for at least 1 Year or more because it doesn’t have to undergo any chemical processing and its cuticles are intact. However, colored human hair may have a shorter lifespan than virgin hair.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Human Hair

A human hair wig does not get any nourishment, Ie., oils and vitamins from the body. So, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that it stays in the best possible condition and lasts longer.

  • Wash it as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Style it when it’s still damp
  • Use styling products such as curlers and straighteners at low temperatures. Also, remember to use a heat protection spray.
  • Carefully blow-dry your wig but don’t overdo it

2. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic wigs are cheaper and easier to style than human hair wigs. But their lifespan is also shorter. A synthetic hair wig for men will only last for about 4-6 months.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Synthetic Hair

Like human hair, a synthetic wig also needs caring to keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan. But it doesn’t require so much effort in general.

Here are some tips

  • Wash it regularly and be thorough
  • Use the recommended products
  • Do not use only one wig every day. Have several of them for rotation
  • Be careful when wearing your wig to avoid damaging the delicate layers. Also, avoid pulling your wig with a lot of force
  • Store your wig in a conducive environment away from heat and direct sunlight


 There are so many factors that can affect the lifespan of your human system. But as you can see, it all comes down to the type and the maintenance.

Just make sure that the Toupee for women or any other type of hair system you buy is of good quality, then maintain it well to maximize your benefits.

Other tips you might want to consider to prolong the lifespan of your hair system include,

  • Sleeping on a silk pillowcase
  • Using a high-quality conditioner
  • Avoid alcohol-based hair products and more.

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