Tips That Will Help To Maintain Your Blonde Hair Shade

Are you one who loves to experiment with hair styling and go with the new trend? It’s obvious that frequent usage of hair styling tools, colouring, bleaching and other hair treatments can damage hair if you don’t follow a proper hair care routine. Obviously, hair transformations and colouring are always high-maintenance because they can be only maintained with the professional shampoo and conditioners that are provided by hair professionals. Experimenting with beautiful colours and blondes are pretty but be careful if you have poor hair quality otherwise it will cause more hair damage and may require costly hair treatments.

Though there are many cost-effective solutions that can help to restore the hair to good conditions. Many professionals claim that Argan Oil For Hair is the best food for hair that helps to maintain the hair’s good quality and lustre.

Some of the tips to maintain blonde hair for a longer time

Argan Oil For Hair

1) Keep Hair Hydrated

When it comes to hydrating hair, a deep conditioning hair mask and good leave-in conditioner can be the perfect choice for the hair to restore the damage fast.  Always use a deep-conditioning hair mask every one to two weeks to get the results faster.

2) Use Heat Protection When Using Heat Styling Tools

Try preferring less heat if required. The majority of women have a habit of using a hairdryer regularly to dry the hair faster but instead of using a dryer, let the hair air dry. Regular usage of heat styling tools and dryers can remove natural oils from the hair and leave the scalp dry and rough.

3) Protect Hair From Sun

If you have the colour or blonde hair then sun exposure can turn the hair into a brassy orange shade over time and it might look bad. Use sun protection serum and cover your hair when going out on a sunny day.

4) Invest In Good Blonde Toning Shampoo

Choose the good quality shampoo that is designed for colour treated and blonde hair to maintain and lock the blonde colour for a longer time.

Blonde Toning Shampoo

5) Wash Hair Less Frequently

Washing hair less is always a good option to maintain the natural oils in the scalp. Over-washing of hair can cause dry and bitter cuticles.  Prefer cold water for a hair wash to keep it shiny and lustrous.

6) Deep Conditioning And Proper Oiling

Conditioning is a crucial part of hair care that can’t be skipped. Oil the hair once a week and follow a deep conditioning mask regularly.

Conclusion: There you go! Hope you enjoyed reading the hair care blog. Women have been always obsessed with and desire to have good hair. It’s like good hair is equal to good mood and yes, that sentence is damn true. Every hair has different qualities and takes time accordingly to restore, follow the above tips to keep your hair healthy and lustrous. According to experts, sulphates are a big NO for the hair, it’s impossible to find completely sulphate free shampoo but invest in premium quality cruelty–free Blonde Toning Shampoo if you have colour treated or blond hair.

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