The Different Styles of Bathrooms to Choose from for Your Haven

A bathroom, mostly a primary bathroom, is more than just a washing and cleansing space. It is actually a room where you refresh and rejuvenate. Away from the stress of the outside world, you spend some time alone with yourself soaking in the hot bubble baths or enjoying the cascading showers, it is always a pleasant experience to refresh yourself amidst a sophisticated and neat surroundings. And that is why styling it as per your choice and requirements become so important.

The various impressive styles of bathrooms

It is essential to tastefully decorate your bathroom with the right blend of colors, variants, materials, and patterns.  Only then will you be able to create a dynamic room wherein you can spend your time and also add a wonderful feature to the home. Well, we have some styles of bathrooms for you to consider. Why don’t you read about them and select one of these for your home?

1. Master bathroom

Just as the name suggests, the master bathroom is a huge, lavish space designed to provide you extreme comfort and relaxation. Since you have ample space, you can pick the plushest-looking sanitaryware and a huge bathtub to adorn this space. Along with a shower stand in a corner and a huge washbasin, you can create a bathroom that almost resembles the royal hammams from the past. A chandelier, huge mirrors in ornate frames, plush bath linens, some decorative frames, and indoor plants would make the space feel like a spa resort.

2. Contemporary bathroom

A contemporary bathroom is practical but chic and impressive. You won’t find anything extra in this bathroom and everything will be to the point. With the concept, pick the bathtub that seems appropriate to you and fits in the space very well. Even the washbasin should match the theme of the bathroom along with decorative tiles which are mostly picked as per the decor theme. But yes, they should influence the décor of the space. When the importance of tiles is so much in a contemporary bathroom, ensure to call only the best company for bathroom tiling in Auckland, Best Skills. They are a team of experts who are experienced in creating fantastic spaces with their exclusive knowledge of tiling.

3. A full bathroom

A full bathroom consists of everything that you can think of for that space. From the bathtub to the shower, even the washbasin, toilet, cabinets, storage – you name it, and you have it. Call it a completely refreshing space with nothing amiss and everything perfect.

4. A Three-quarter bathroom

In a three-quarter bathroom, you’ll find the basics covered – the sink, the toilet, and the shower. It can simply be a plain and minimalist bath or simply one with chic, colorful décor. In both cases, since the space is low, even the elaborations in decorations should be less. Commonly used as guest bathrooms, these are devoid of the luxury of a bathtub.

Apart from these, you also can have a powder room with a faucet, washbasin, mirror, and a toilet. Generally placed near living rooms or dining rooms, these serve the purpose of letting your guests powder their noses in privacy.  

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