Can A Dirty Carpet Cause Health Hazards?

You will become sick simply due to not cleaning the dirty carpets of your home. Hence, you have to ensure that the carpets are well-maintained and freshened frequently. This will restore the indoor environment as well. Have you any doubt if dirty carpets can cause health problems? Then continue reading this blog.

  • Abstain from living in an unhealthy environment

    Ensure that the home can be kept as clean and healthy as you can. Make sure that whenever you fall ill it’s not the carpet which outbursts the problem. It’s time to keep an eye on the health hazards resulted from dirty carpets. Some evolve due to unclean carpet and some conditions get worsened due to it.
  • Mental matters

    Mental health gets deteriorated by the unclean carpets too as you will get stressed to take care of unwell family members and deal the infestations at the same time. It will cause great sadness and you can only avoid these by cleaning and vacuuming the carpet daily. Occasionally you must opt for professional cleaning too for revamping the indoor environment and triggering well-being sense.
  • Allergies

    The allergies can get aggravated by the dust mites infestation or mould build-up. If you or any of your family member experiences frequent itchy eyes or runny nose then the carpet can be real culprit. Skin irritations and sneezing are the symptoms caused when bacteria starts breeding into the carpet piles. Athlete’s foot and eczema are also resulted from the dust mites hiding into the dirty carpet. 
  • Pet germs

    If you have furry friends in your home then carpet cleaning is necessary to prevent the spread of diseases and infections from faeces and urine. Emission of smell from the occurred stains can cause odour ammonia, nose and lung irritation. Also the damp heightens the mould breeding risk.

    Pet residues prove to be hazardous for both young children and babies which have to be dealt right away. Ticks and fleas brought by the pets start living into the favourite piles resulting in infestations which can be only removed after professional treatment.
  • Respiratory issues

    Dirty carpet is the terrifying object for the people having respiratory problems. Walking on such matted and soiled carpet releases dirt particles in the home air. As a result you can experience much more problems like breathing difficulties and coughing due to inhaling polluted air.

    Even airborne toxins will affect the susceptible people more. Kids who spend a majority time of the day on such carpet can get affected by the air toxins as they put the hands in the mouths frequently and touch the carpet surface.
  • Stomach upset

    Dirty carpet can cause disease like salmonella in young children which accompanied by fever, stomach issues and cramps. Dampened carpets are the favourite hotspot for mould along mycotoxins which result in irritation and stomach infection. As bacteria can survive for a month in the carpet daily cleaning is essential which you can’t avoid.
  • Weak immune system

    Immune system starts declining by living in dirty or toxic environment. Soon, your body loses its ability to combat against foreign invaders and germs. Also, weak immune system can make you feel sick. Infants, yet to strengthen the immunity are prone to fall ill frequently due to the colony of germs from the carpet.

Care and maintenance tips for your carpet

Let’s have a look at this guideline for maintaining a healthy and fresh carpet in the long run:

  • Put off your shoes at the door just to avoid the dirt inside over the surface of your carpet
  • Hard-wearing mats should be place both outside and inside main gate
  • Carpets must be vacuumed daily mainly if there are pets in your home
  • Stains should be treated immediately to protect the fibre damage
  • Steam cleaning service must be opted for once in every year
  • Use stain protection agents to protect the carpet as it resists the stains to seep into the piles and fibres

Hire a carpet cleaning expert

Look for an expert ofcarpet cleaning near meso that you can rest assure to obtain clean and fresh carpet. Also they will maintain the highest standard when it comes to clean the carpet. With anti-viral deep cleaning you can be guaranteed with 99.99% of germ eradication safely from the carpet.

The bacteria, dirt and dust which hold deep into the fibres can be agitated by hot water extraction process. As a result, excessive water and debris will be possible to suck up.

Even carpet cleaning expert can carry out the professional carpet cleaning services as per your requirement. On the assessment of the rug and carpet the choice of cleaning method and agent can be determined.

Despite of having delicate Oriental rug or machine-made kind there is always a cleaning option available for you. You can keep the potential health issues at bay by performing regular professional carpet cleaning by the experts.