Supercharge your Hacking Career with CEH Certification

Hacking has turned out to be one of the most popular and lucrative career paths for IT professionals.

With cybercriminals constantly evolving their tactics and carrying out powerful attacks, every business must protect its digital assets.

Essentially, this has resulted in high demand for cybersecurity professionals.

In addition, there are several certifications that an aspiring hacker could opt for, among which CEH certification is one of the most valuable.

What is the CEH certification?

When it comes to making black hat hacking a part of the mainstream fields of expertise for IT professionals, CEH is one of the most popular certifications. The certification course equips professionals with the skills necessary for commercial-grade hacking.

In addition, the certification proves that a professional who possesses it can use various tools, methods, and technologies to carry out hacking in a lawful manner.

Why are certifications from the EC council valuable?

It is necessary to consider whether a certification from a certain provider would prove to be valuable.

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC Council) is one of the leading providers of cybersecurity certifications. EC Council offers vendor-neutral certifications and training programs in a variety of security topics.

Certifications from this organization find widespread acceptance across the globe. EC Council holds its place as one of the most trusted organizations that offer certifications in hacking.

Why should you pursue the CEH certification?

The CEH certification can boost your career as a cybersecurity professional substantially. However, it is the career benefits of the certification that make it so popular. Here are a few reasons why the CEH certification is worth pursuing:

Versatility: The skills that one would earn while pursuing the CEH certification goes beyond penetration testing. Thus, this cybersecurity certification certifies a professional to be eligible for a variety of jobs. Such versatility opens up plenty of career opportunities for an IT professional.

Career advancement: In the IT sector, certifications are key components that aid in career advancement. A CEH certification would help you upgrade to a better job or secure a promotion. This is because such reliable and prestigious certifications show employers that a professional is ready for greater job responsibilities.

Prestige: Obtaining a primary certification in hacking would naturally put you in the same league as other highly skilled professionals. This would help you earn esteem and recognition in the industry and your workplace. The prestige that comes with obtaining a highly coveted certification is worth the effort.

Practical skills: The CEH certification program focuses on skills an IT professional needs while solving real-world security problems. Thus, you would need adequate hands-on training and practical experience before you can obtain it. Essentially, upgrading your skills would help you perform your job responsibilities more efficiently.

How does pursuing this certification boost your hacking skills?

Quite naturally, you might be wondering how much this ethical hacker certification can upgrade your skills.

As mentioned previously, it helps to develop practical and real-world hacking skills. Here are a few ways in which the CEH certification would help you grow better hacking skills:

1. Understanding how a hacker works

To counter a hacker, one needs to think like a hacker. Therefore, completing this course would help you understand the mindset of a black hat hacker. Thus, you would grow aware of the tricks and techniques that a hacker might use for malicious purposes. In addition, understanding the hackers’ strategy would allow you to formulate effective strategies to protect their targets.

2. Using various tools

In addition to understanding how malicious hackers work, you would also learn about the various tools they use. Finally, the course would teach you to use such tools yourself.

For example, one of the critical responsibilities of a white hat hacker is to hack an organization’s systems to look for vulnerabilities ethically. The more tools one can use for this, the more accurate the testing would be.

3. Gaining knowledge

Hackers themselves are experts in information technology and constantly develop ways to carry out their activities. Therefore, when you undergo the training program for the CEH certification, it will expand your knowledge of various risks and vulnerabilities.

Accordingly, you would be much more successful in guessing how a hacker could carry out an attack.

Essentially, you can build a lustrous career in ethical hacking upon earning the CEH certification. EC council-certified institutes like Koenig offer the necessary training programs. You would want to get yourself enrolled in such an institute to ready yourself for the certification exam. 

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