Easter tree DIY original ideas

Easter tree DIY original ideas. It is less famous than the Christmas tree, but season after season, spring after spring, it is gaining more and more popularity. We are talking about the Easter tree, a tradition that comes from far away, from northern Europe, particularly from Germany and Scandinavia, but also conquering our homes and gardens, especially in northern Italy. There are many options to make it, especially do it yourself. It is mostly a seasonal plant decorated with special objects, many of which are handmade, including eggs, flowers, butterflies, rabbits, and other Easter symbols. 

To make your Easter tree, you can choose either a potted solution or an underground tree. Think you are lucky sufficient to have a garden with trees, given free rein to your imagination and creativity by decorating them according to your taste. Let yourself be motivated by the various proposals collected here, accompanied by tutorials, to guide you step by step in their realization.

Decorated Easter eggs and butterflies

Here is a quick, easy, fun, and creative way to create a colorful and original Easter tree like the one you see above. The spring color palette is easy to coordinate and will allow you to make an Easter tree to your taste. If you need to decorate your house with an elegant, child-friendly, natural, and artistic Easter tree, the options are endless using a few simple elements. You can see below that artificial branches, and twigs have been used in the proposal, but you can also find them in your garden or a park and paint them in white or another pastel color and drawing ideas.

What you need:

· Twigs, branches, or stems

· Brightly colored tin bucket

· Gardener’s sponge

· Easter grass

· Pastel colored ribbon

· Easter ornaments, chicks, eggs, birds or bunnies

Step 1: Place the sponge on the bottom of the tin bucket and insert the twigs and branches, distributing them evenly. Would you please make sure they are tight? If the branches are too heavy, you can put stones under the sponge to prevent the bucket from tipping.

Step 2: Bend the limbs and members to give them a tree shape.

Step 3: Fill the tin pail with Easter grass, completely covering the sponge. If there are any protruding parts, cut them off with shears.

Step 4: Wrap the band about the tinpot and match it with a bow. If you are using a satin ribbon, you may need a hot glue dot to prevent it from slipping down the top of the tin container.

Step 5: Decorate your tree with custom ornaments and Easter decorations according to your taste.

You can embellish your tree with any decorative element. If you want a natural Easter tree, you could include a bird’s nest in the branches, or the kids could decorate the plastic eggs with stickers and then insert them into the Easter grass. It all depends on how decorated you want your tree to be.

White tree and colorful DIY Easter decorations

DIY original ideas

Let’s find out another simple and fun way to make a colorful and original DIY Easter tree. First, go searching for a branch in the shape of a small tree, like the one you see in this sequence of images. Involve even the little ones, who will have fun finding the ones best suited to the project. After that, you need a rather tall vase and some sand.

The materials for the tree with the paper flakes:

· Branches and twigs

· Tall glass vase

· Sand

· Tissue paper or crepe paper

· Scissor (or fringed scissor)

· String

· Washi tape

First, cut the tissue paper (or crepe paper) into 7x12cm rectangles. Choose the colors you like best, and they remind you of spring. Fold the tissue paper in half lengthwise.

At this point, using either scissors or fringed scissors, make cuts by making thin strips, being careful to stop about an inch from the central fold. Open the tissue paper back to its original size. Starting at one end, fold the silk paper to the opposite end.

Tie some twine right near the center of the rolled tissue paper. Now fold the cut and rolled tissue paper in half by pulling the string. Wrap washi tape right under the string and tie a knot at the top of the string to form a loop that will allow you to hang the bow from your tree branch. Make them different and in various colors to fill your tree.

How to make a modern Easter tree

We offer you an idea outside the classic schemes to create an Easter tree suitable for an entrance table or even as a centerpiece.

You will need:

· Eggs

· Fake rose curls

· Fabric butterflies

· Artificial moss

· Washi tape

· Tree branches

· Hot glue gun

Fake flowers and fabric butterflies, and moss can find in the flower department of hobby shops. Here’s how to create a modern Easter tree, perfect as a spring centerpiece, with a few simple decorations: fake flowers, fabric butterflies, and some fresh eggs.

Empty the eggs by making a hole in the upper and lower part and, with the help of a syringe, introduce air inside to let out the egg white and yolk. It doesn’t sound very easy, but it’s not! Once the eggs have been hollowed out and cleaned, take a sewing needle with a thread and pass it through the egg. Tie a bow at the top to ensure it and decorate the eggs with a gold marker, such as polka dots and lines of various thicknesses like those proposed here.

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