Online schools are here to stay even after Pandemic – Classroom 2.0

All of us were and are  aware of the various concepts of schoolings Regular Schooling, Home Schooling, Religious Schooling and what not but the one concept which came in regular action to cover for all these during the Pandemic is Online Schooling.

The concept is not new, In Fact it has been in action for quite a while now. But it took shutting down of the entire world to take it as a regular option because clearly we didn’t have any other. Now that it has been in action for more than 2 years and almost every student/user is now well aware of the concept, What do you think they would prefer if the situation gets back to normal, not the new Normal but the old and authentic normal.

Online education

Online Schooling played a major role in Students life.

Let’s just admit one thing. We can’t deny the fact that online schools have made it a lot more easier and convenient than it ever was. I mean you have the access to your entire study material and even your tutors just by sitting under your own roof. Who wouldn’t like that comfort. Well let’s raise it to technology which has literally saved us from a huge loss, Loss Of Education; Loss of knowledge and loss of development of the young generations. I would like to name the concept of online school as the “Saviour Of Youth” and even the world for that matter, what can possibly be a picture of  the world without knowledgeable individuals, creative minds? Worse than we can ever imagine.

But Do Online schools fulfill the needs of a learning individual? Let’s just say It has its own pros and cons but the pros are definitely worth winning the battle. So the answer to the question is online schools keep us moving without adding a terrible pause in the growth of the growing and learning individuals.

Now the another and the the main question that arises in my mind is Are online schools here to stay? Even after the pandemic. We all can have our own different perspectives on the matter but before drawing to our conclusion let’s just have a look at the points Why they should stay.

  • It is obviously more convenient for everyone.
  • It does save our travel expenses.
  • It gives kids a reason to explore Technology which is clearly the future of the world.
  • It is quite accessible.
  • It is more safe; from various infections and from undeniable threatening crimes.
  • It allows the parents to keep a regular track on their child’s growth which somehow is quite disconnected in regular physical schools for obvious reasons.
  • It saves a child plenty of time to focus on other co curricular activities or even their hobbies for that matter.

Apart from the mentioned there are n number of such strong points which justifies the staying of online schools even after the Pandemic at least for young growing kids who need the combined nourishment from their parents, schools and tutors.

For now let’s draw our focus to that young growing age group for instance from 1 to 4 graders. What exactly do they do at schools? They learn for sure but what are their tasks? Assessments, homework? Such tasks carry out 70% of their growth. While do they really need any help in accomplishing them? Of course they are too young to complete all of that on their own. Their Parents have their own lives and their own tasks. They can’t always be available to provide everything their child needs, and they are not to be blamed if they can’t help their children with their assessments or homework but they can be at fault if they don’t address their need and provide that help through someone else to their kid, be it a tutor. They can easily hire an online tutor to help their child with their tasks and can be rest assured about their safety and also have access to track their child’s learning and growth. In this way it is a win-win situation for all. And another point which I didn’t mention above is online school/tuitions are way more affordable. Not just because it saves the travel expenses, even the tutor’s fees are quite less than the general regular fees for physical tuition.

So now is the time to jump to our conclusion, The online version of schools or the Classrooms 2.0 should be and are going to be in action even after the pandemic for at least the young learners for justified reasons.

It’s for their own good, and clearly saves a lot of extra work and resources. The convenience offered is undeniably good. And above all the fair points it’s the safety of children which is the main concern of the whole situation. Parents can be assured about their child’s safety without having to worry about their educational loss. Children can continue the learning process without compromising any other factor, and Tutors are available on your computer screens to have your back through the whole process. What else do we need? Hence the win-win situation for all.

Whereas If we talk about the students in or above grade 5, the schools should resume for them, but they can surely use online school as an alternative. The students from 5 grade onwards requires more of practical knowledge than technical knowledge and to access that they must go to the physical school and grasp the fun of it all however even they can enjoy the convenience of online tuitions beside physical schools and enjoy the pro points of the same, like not having to travel, saves time, and etc so that they can utilise that time into the area of their interests outside their academic syllabus and even that can be accessed through an online medium because there are various options which provides academic tuitions and even co curriculum expertise for learning under the guidance of a professional.

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