Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Carpet cleaning is not as simple as most people believe. Although regular vacuumingremoves dirt from carpets, carpets need cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner. Many people overlook the need for a professional to clean their carpet because there are several misconceptions aboutcarpet cleaning.

Below are some misconceptions about carpet cleaning and the truth about them;

  • Vacuuming is enough

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Vacuuming can remove dust, dirt and debris from your carpet, but it doesn’t remove all particles embedded in the carpet, plus vacuuming doesn’t get rid of stains and odour.

When professional carpet cleaners clean your carpet, they will remove all dirt from your carpet, including stubborn stains. You need vacuuming at least once a week, and you also need a carpet steam cleaning by a cleaning professional at least twiceevery year.

  • All carpet cleaning methods are effective

This is untrue because several cleaning methods for carpets are available, and they are all different.

The dry-foam cleaning method involves shampooing the carpet and extracting the shampoo with a vacuum after it has dried. Although this method can clean a carpet, it is not the best cleaning method, and some cleaning companies use it regardless.

The dry-chemical cleaning method involves using cleaning equipment to absorb dirt from the carpet. Although this can remove dirt, it is not effective.

The dry-compound method is also available but not effective either. This cleaning method involves spraying a cleaning mixture that the carpet absorbs. Afterwards, the professional uses a brush to work the mixture into the carpet. When the carpet dries, the professional will vacuum it.

An effective cleaning method is steam carpet cleaning. It removes both surface and deep-seated stains, debris and dirt in the carpet.

  • All carpet cleaning companies are the same

A cleaning company that uses only the dry-cleaning method to clean carpets is not as good as those that also use steam cleaning. People who have had their carpet dry cleaned and steam cleaned at different times notice the difference.

Steam cleaning provides better results for most carpet fabrics, so it is better to opt for a company that uses steam cleaning.

  • The longer you wait to clean your carpet, the better the result

People who follow this false principle end up damaging their carpet and spending more in the long run. Carpets get old faster when they do not undergo regular maintenance, so they would need replacement which means you would spend more.

Cleaning your carpets regularly helps extend their lifespan and saves you more money in the long run.

  • Carpetsonly need cleaning when they are dirty

Your carpet can be dirty even without noticeable stains. Most times, when stains begin to show, it may be too late to revive the carpet. This is because you only see the surface stains, but there are also deep-seated stains and dirt on your carpet.

Bacteria and other microorganisms can also accumulate within your carpet fibres. To have a clean carpet always, get a professional to clean the carpet.

  • Using a steam cleaner at home can clean your carpet

Although using the right cleaning equipment is essential, you also need the required skill for effective cleaning. A professional carpet cleaner has the necessary skill to properly clean your carpet because they have gotten the training and have several years of experience in cleaning carpets.

A professional cleaner knows the right cleaning equipment and solution for each carpet fabric and how to use these cleaning aids to achieve the best result.

  • The cheapest company is best

If you are only considering the money you will spend on the cleaning, you can opt for the cheapest cleaning company you find. The most affordable company may end up offering you a haphazardly done cleaning or damage your carpet.

It’s better to opt for a company that provides quality cleaning services at a fair price, and choosing a cleaning company should not be based solely on the cost of their services.

  • Opt for the most expensive company

Some cleaning companies offer expensive processes for their services. Contrary to most people’s belief, the company that charges the most doesn’t always provide the best services.

Most cleaning companies use the same equipment and method. Some companies charge high prices only to stand out.

  • Carpet cleaners do not provide references

Cleaning companies that deliver excellent services and are proud of their work can provide you with references. If a company can’t provide references, it means they are new or have something to hide. References matter and can help you choose the right cleaning company.

  • All cleaning companies should give precise quotes

It is understandable if you want to know the exact price you will pay for your carpet before the cleaning, but most companies can’t provide you with a precise quote.

The exact cost of cleaning your carpet will depend on the type of carpet fabric, the amount of dirt on it, and whether the cleaning would involve moving furniture or not. The professional has to visit your home to assess the carpet that needs cleaning to provide you with an estimate.

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