10 Certified Courses that Help to Get Jobs Abroad

Over the last five years, the percentage of students who have shifted abroad for job purposes has increased. In 2016, 16% of people stated that they are willing to work abroad. And, in 2021, 35% of young generation people claimed that they would pursue a job in foreign countries. Working abroad can be a good idea, but it’s difficult to get a chance to work for international companies. But, you can make your dream come true with certified educational courses. Nowadays, students can get different job opportunities abroad after completing degree courses. 

Do you have any idea about these labour courses? No! Then, you might find it difficult to choose the right course for better job placement. Not all the courses can help you to get employed overseas or abroad. While choosing the courses, it’s important to focus on the right career path and the country where you want a job. 

Want to work abroad after college, or thinking of switching to another job? Go for it! Because there is no exact time to start a career. Moreover, you don’t need to invest a significant amount of money in applying for these courses. Here, we are mentioning a list of promising career options that ensures jobs abroad.

  1. Engineering and Technology

Over the years, the broad spectrum of engineering services has generated many job opportunities abroad. Moreover, the core engineering subjects always remain in high demand, including IT and computer scones. Researchers found out that the US opened up 1.6 million engineering jobs in 2014. And, in this year, the number of jobs can be expected to grow more. 

Do you want to move to middle-east for job purposes? But, don’t know which course can help you to get a job? Apply for an engineering course! The Middle-east countries offer several infrastructure-related jobs. Moreover, Dubai is known as a business hub. And, this country offers jobs for both their residents and immigrants. So, score well and get an engineering degree to get a job in these international cities. Below are some of the core engineering courses that create international job opportunities:

  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Geophysical Engineering
  • Robotics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Electrical and Computer Science
  1. Energy & Sustainable Infrastructure

The energy industry is considered to be one of the essential industries which generate huge capital. Moreover, this industry has created diverse employment opportunities across the globe. Nowadays, many companies are using renewable energy technologies over conventional ones. After a few years, conventional energy resources like fossil fuels might run out. At present, billions of dollars are invested in getting fossil fuels for electricity.

Researchers claimed that the global investment in conventional energy would most likely increase. To cut down the expenses, many energy companies have started to make use of renewable energy. And, you can find renowned renewable energy companies only in international countries. These companies are seeking job applicants who can make the best use of renewable energy sources. 

But, this does not mean that the importance of the students from earth science backgrounds will diminish. These include graduates of Oil and Petroleum Engineering, Mining, Geology and Geo-informatics courses. With the ever-increasing demand for energy, the importance of oil, petrol and gas engineers will increase. Also, for continuous oil/gas or mineral exploration, we need geologists and geoscientists. So, geology or geoscience will be a great career option as well. 

  1. Housekeeping

Do you have an interest in this subject? Yes! Well, with housekeeping courses you can get job opportunities in different industries. Nowadays, the importance of maid services has increased across the country. Moreover, several international maid service companies are currently hiring new job aspirants. But, to get this job, you need to have specific degrees and certifications. And, a level 2 certificate in hospitality and catering is essential among them. 

Apart from this, an experienced maid should have certifications in Hospitality Industry Skills. The international maid services and Home cleaning services company hires applicants with a Diploma degree in Housekeeping. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for an educational institution that offers housekeeping courses. You can earn a good salary and have great growth opportunities after completing this labour course. 

  1. Healthcare & Pharmacy

The global pharmaceutical industry saw rapid growth in 2020. And, it can be expected to become profitable in the coming years. Moreover, the sudden Coronavirus outbreak has increased the importance of the healthcare sector. Many medical professionals have the opportunity to work for a health care centre in the USA or Dubai. 

With a healthcare and pharmacy course, you can become a healthcare provider abroad. And, many think only about the doctors and nurses as healthcare professionals. Every medical practitioner, dentist and allied health science professional also qualify under this category. And, all these professionals work together and deliver services at different levels. 

Starting from primary health care to healthcare to rehabilitation care — you have scope in every health department. Opt for the courses like Healthcare Management, Nursing or Occupational Therapy. It will help you to get international job opportunities.

  1. Agricultural Science

The rise of the global population has created several challenges, and insufficient food production is one of them.  And, researchers think that with Agricultural Science this food problem can be solved. Moreover, several countries offer career scopes in this subject. Want to know the names of these countries? In Australia, Europe, the US and New Zealand, you have the most chances to get this job. 

From 2015 to 2020, in the US, almost 57,900 students applied for Agricultural Science. And, the number of people pursuing this course is increasing day by day. Many have applied for the  bachelor or master degree course in agricultural science because of job assurance abroad. 

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

With a Master of Business Administration course, the aspirants can get a job abroad. Moreover, more than 50 % of students who have applied for an MBA course have received international work opportunities. Starting from Europe to the USA — you can get a high-salary job abroad and overseas with an MBA degree. 

But, having a degree is not enough to get a job in international countries. After completing the course, the interested students need to work on their interpersonal skills. Because, when you are working on a new culture, it’s important to build strong interpersonal skills. 

Every job seeker should focus on brushing up their communication skills. These sorts of skills will help you to overcome the potential challenges of the workplace. Moreover, some companies prefer hiring employees from diverse cultures. For handling the international operations, these renowned companies look for skilled workers across their countries. So, find such a company and grab the opportunity of working abroad.

Is it easier to get a Job in Smaller Firms with an MBA Degree?

You can also search for a job with an MBA degree in the smaller firms of the UK, USA or Switzerland. Earlier, these companies used to be reluctant in hiring international candidates. But these days, international candidates are getting more opportunities to be a part of these companies. So, if you have the required skills, then you can be a great asset to these small-scale companies. 

Want to know which job positions you can get in these companies with an MBA degree? You can be a Marketing Manager, Investment Banker, Business Analyst, and even HR manager. Additionally, the MBA graduates can become Business Development Manager and Project Manager as well. So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that the MBA offers diversified career options to the students. 

  1. Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics has become one of the most demanding subjects in 2021. Because, in this digital economy, data plays the most essential role. Starting from small to large businesses, every company relies on digital data. And, for collecting, processing and performing statistical analyses of data, many companies have hired data analysts and scientists. Moreover, as a data scientist, you should have problem-solving skills. That’s essential in overcoming the company’s unique business challenges. 

Want to know more about data science? Well, this course is a blend of machine learning, statistics, and mathematics. So, if you want to enhance your knowledge and skills in these subjects, go for the data science course. Top universities offer this certified labour course and guaranteed job placement in foreign countries. 

Additionally, data analytics also offer enticing career opportunities to students and professionals. But, the potential aspirants should have strong quantitative and analytical skills to get a job abroad. While working in this field, the employees need to deal with exploratory and predictive models. 

Further, the data analysts need to possess high technical and leadership skills. The prime responsibility of a data analyst is to evaluate the client’s behaviour and business structure. Additionally, these professionals help in the business growth by taking the right decisions.

In which Sectors, a Data Analyst is Required?

After getting a degree in data analytics, the graduates can work in different business sectors. And, these include finance, healthcare, tourism, FMCG, retail and even in media and entertainment industries. 

Recently, the employers of unconventional sectors like manufacturing, sports and education started to hire data analytics professionals. So, find the best university that offers a data analytics course and enrol your name!

  1. Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology

The advent of unprecedented situations like the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of biomedical science experts. Though, many students tend to think that all the biomedical science works are limited to a lab setup. But that’s not true! Over the years, this specific medical sector has witnessed a rapid expansion. 

Nowadays, several business sectors are hiring biomedical and biotechnology professionals. After getting degrees in biomedical and biotechnology, you can get hefty job offers with high salaries. Moreover, in this field, the employees even get a 5%-15 % salary hike every year. 

Usually, biomedical science consists of three core subjects — pharmacology, human physiology and pathology. Do you want to learn about these subjects and want to get the solution to severe health problems? Then, opt for studying this course; make sure to get higher degrees like PhD or Masters in this subject. 

And, it will help you to get a variety of job opportunities in countries like the UK or the USA. But, a few colleges or universities offer biomedical science. So, do proper research before choosing the right college to get this course. 

What are the Career Opportunities of Biomedical Science?

Every skilled biomedical scientist can get a job in the private and public sectors of foreign countries. However, you have to grasp a few critical skills such as critical thinking, communication and integration. Alongside, biomedical science professionals need to develop their practical hands-on experience. 

Want to know what career opportunities you can get by pursuing a career in biomedical science? Here are some of the significant job roles the degree holders in this subject can get: 

  • Medical Sales Director
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager
  • Medical Writer
  • Biomedical Laboratory Technician
  • Principal Investigator
  • Medicinal Chemist
  1. Finance

Do you find the finance industry intriguing? Have an interest in the stock market or investment policies? Then, a career in finance is worth considering. With a degree in Finance, you can have an excellent opportunity to work in the financial markets. Moreover, the students will get to know about the acquisition and allocation of funds by studying this course. 

Finance covers multiple undergraduate degrees, and you can get a variety of jobs in the same sector. These include accounting, business law, and management and economics. Further, you can get employment in international companies, if you have specialization in the following financial fields:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Planning
  • BS in Financial Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

Economics is also another major subject that deals with the financial activities of the market. This subject also offers great career options to graduate and postgraduate students. With a degree in economics, you can get a job abroad in the banking sector. Additionally, you can also become an Investment Analyst, Financial Consultant, and even an Accountant. But, choosing the right career option is important before applying for a degree in Finance. 

Do you want to help increase the financial growth of individuals, companies or institutions? Then, a degree in financial planning or management will be ideal. But, for evaluating and improving the financial condition of a business, opt for choosing the Accounting career. Also, qualified students can get a high salary from the starting of their financial jobs.

  1. Human Resource Management

Do you like to encourage or appreciate others when they do good in life? Can you help others to choose the right way which can make their work easier? Then, human resource management is the right course for you. However, working as an HR can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. 

Before you apply for a degree in HRM, it’s important to acknowledge the key areas of this field. Here are some of the skills you should build after getting the certification in Human Resource Management:

  • Organisational development
  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Training and learning
  • Strengthening the employee and employer relations

Depending on the job role and the company size, you might have to focus on any of the following areas. An experienced HR has specialisation in all these focus areas. Human Resource Management focuses on the strategies which can improve the organisation’s productivity. With their critical thinking, HR can help to increase the performance of the employees. 

Nowadays, HR professionals have high demand across the globe. So, it’s the right time to apply for the HR degree. Develop the analytical and administrative skills to get a chance to become HR in an international company. Also, the Human Resource experts need to emphasise their employee’s safety and performance measurements. 

The Key Duties the Graduates with an HRM Degree Need to Perform

Once you get the degree, apply for a job abroad and get selected, you have to take certain responsibilities. Here are some of the core tasks an HR need to perform for the growth of the organisation:

  • Creates weekly career advancement programs for the employees
  • Solves the inner conflicts of the employees 
  • Develops strategies and implement them to increase the personnel’s retention 
  • Maintain a positive and productive work environment 
  • Guides the employees to know about their strengths and weaknesses

Are there any Labour Courses that ensure an Abroad Job?

The developed countries like the UK, New Zealand and Australia offer more job opportunities and wages. For this reason, many graduates and postgraduates attempt to get a job abroad. Moreover, these countries have the highest employment rate; that’s another reason why many students want a job abroad. 

With subjects like Food Science, you can get a job in both Public and Government sectors. Get a degree in Finance and Economics — these disciplines also increase employment opportunities. 

You can also choose Hospitality and Tourism; it’s another trending career prospect. Countries like the US, Canada, UAE and even France are known for offering jobs in this domain. Need more options? Apply for Digital and Interactive Media courses. Further, make sure to consult with a career counsellor.

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