Hidden Tips About Windows Software That No One Told You

Summary: A windows OS update (Windows Software) comes with a host of features and applications, but little do people know about the secret tips and tricks that can help view the machine in a new way. This article discusses the hidden tips about windows that no one knew about. 

Author Bio: Pranjal is a tech-savvy content developer who has been writing on windows and Android updates for 5 years. She is skilled in understanding the latest updates of applications and does like documenting her work every time she has an experience with the new device. 

Approximately, more than 800 million gadgets operate on windows software. Microsoft Windows happens to be the kingpin of operating systems and has been going strong ever since its inception. The latest release of Windows 11 comes with more features to help make operating your machine smoother and faster. Now that the old version of windows 7 has ended, maximum people have switched to the new windows as the new operating system update. 

Whether you are using the latest version of windows or any other version or just had the latest upgrade, there are certain hidden tips that no one will tell you about windows software. You need to bear in mind that the updates of Microsoft, along with their software, come a few times around the year with new settings, customization options, and applications. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that your personal computer remains up to date with the latest update and releases. Without further worry, let’s move to the tips and tricks below. 

Personalizing your start menu:-

The first and foremost thing you possibly have noticed with the windows os update is the vibrant and colorful start menu. Once it was only a button on the bottom of the screen, and now it is a full-screen experience with beautiful images and tiles that are Live. You can readily personalize it as well. Want to know how? 

Welcome to hack number 1. Make sure to tap on the windows icon at the bottom of the screen and then click on the start menu. After that go to settings and then choose personalization and then click on start. This will help you customize the appearance of your new environment. 

You can also pick your chosen system folders that you look forward to seeing on the left-hand side. This will show your lately added applications, help you resize and rearrange the tiles, and much more. You are going to love your new start menu after that. 

Searching in Windows easily and quickly:-

The new search feature in Windows 11 is the best tool on the entire operating system. It can help you discover a misplaced file as the search process is integrated into the menus of the systems as well. Make sure to tap on the search button located at the bottom of your screen to begin. You can see the search window showing the top applications you use by default along with your recent activities. This can help you readily tap on the programs and files utilized the most. 

Make sure to begin by starting to type in the taskbar located at the bottom of your search window, and Windows 11 will help you get what you are looking for. If you look forward to quickly narrowing down the search with the help of categories, make sure to pick one of the three items that come on the top left corner of the window. Now, from left to right, you can easily guide windows to search in applications, web, or the document. 

Managing projects is easy with multiple virtual desktops:-

Even if you own a single monitor, having numerous virtual desktops can be a very handy feature. If you own multiple monitors, juggling the entire branch of varied projects on the same machine can be quite a challenge. This is something that the new windows software can help you with. 

You will find a task view pane that enables you to add numerous virtual desktops easily and quickly. Managing the view of the virtual desktop and moving applications to various desktops as well as showing windows on all close pages or desktops on a chosen desktop is now easy. For adding a virtual desktop, you simply need to open a new task view pane by tapping the task view button. Then you need to press the Windows key along with the tab key together. This will help you readily move from one desktop to another to discover all your projects and tasks. 

Wrapping Up:-

These are some of the hacks that you need to know about the new Windows OS update. There is plenty of advice out there that you are likely to find, but nothing is better than understanding windows yourself. Thus, check out the above-mentioned tips to know more. 

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