What You Should do when there is a Boiler Breakdown

Having a boiler breakdown might be a big difficulty, particularly when this takes place in the winter season. It is advisable that you hire a professional who will look after boiler repair works so that you can use it efficiently.

Low pressure

  • Your boiler gets switched off by itself
  • Your upstairs radiators or the ones which are furthest from that of the boiler will stop heating
  • The central heating system creates banging sounds

Getting this kind of problem fixed will require little more than a single tweak of filling loop on the boiler. When the pressure gauge on the control panel of your boiler reads not more than 1 bar, it is time to use valve for increasing it somewhere from 1 to 1.5. You might need to reset the boiler after you have already re-pressurised the system. Go through the manufacturer’s guide carefully to get proper details as to how this can be done. In case the boiler loses pressure constantly, it may denote a leaky pipe in your system. It is suggested to call an engineer who will check and fix the issue quickly.

A frozen condensate pipe

  • Your boiler creates gurgling sounds at the time of using it
  • The boiler will not fire up
  • The outside temperature is very cold

Cold weather might be the worst nightmare for a boiler and having a frozen condensate pipe can be among the major causes of your boiler breakdown during the winter months. So, you may try it yourself by putting hot water and warm compress directly to your pipe.

A problem with the settings of your boiler or thermostat

  • Your boiler fails to work when it should or comes on erratically
  • The boiler does not seem to fire up
  • There is some error being displayed on the thermostat

The timer settings might have changed when there is a power cut, or someone has knocked the panel accidentally. It is advised that you double check and adjust them when needed at the time of using boiler manual in case you are not sure. You must check the control panel’s central heating dials on boiler if it is turned on.

After this, you will have to check thermostat settings. When the temperature has been set less than 21℃, the boiler will not fire up and so, you can increase the temperature to find out whether this can be of any help. When nothing is being displayed on your thermostat panel, you will have to change the batteries.

The pilot light has already gone out

  • You do not find pilot light on the boiler
  • Your boiler will not fire up

A pilot light might not work due to several reasons, but it is necessary to reignite it by following your boiler instructions. But when you smell gas or detect other signssuch as change in thecolor of flame or sooty marks on your boiler, you should not try to reignite it. Make sure you turn off the boiler and call the emergency gas line on 0800 111 999. In case the pilot light blows out continuously, call your gas safe engineer to resolve the problem.

The boiler locks out and requires resetting

  • The lock-out light on the boiler comes on
  • Your boiler will not fire up
  • The control panel of your boiler reveals an error code

Sometimes, all you need is just a simple reset. You need to find the reset button of your boiler on front control panel. In case you fail to locate it, go through the boiler manual carefully and read the instructions as to how you may reset your boiler system. When it does not work properly, you may try switching off the boiler and then switch it on again. When you need to reset it again and again, get it checked from an engineer as this might be a major problem with your boiler.

It is a safe option to perform minor boiler repairs on your own. But when you cannot fix the boiler issue, it is advised to hire a professional. Once the boiler starts working properly, it is necessary to get it checked regularly so that the system remains in proper condition. You may hire 24 hour boiler repair in London and get necessary works done during emergency.

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