How to get Prime CSGO when your a newbie?

If you have just gotten into the CSGO gaming realm, you must be wondering about prime matchmaking. For me, there are two rules of this game; one is to stay alive, and the second is to be a prime account holder! You must have seen in order to play in a specific mode or to enjoy certain perks of the game; you must have a prime account. Again, there you go, the word prime is have manifested itself 3-4x already! And, it’s merely the start of this article; get used to it, since you will see a lot of this specific word in here. 

First off, what is a Prime Account? How to get Prime CSGO? To begin with, a prime account is strictly reserved for those who have either bought the game or cleared level 21. However, the game was made free-to-play by Valve in 2019. Initially, it started off as an experiment in 2016 to discover where they can improve more, which was a little capricious at that moment. In a prime account, during the prime matchmaking, one gets matched with another prime player. It is believed that the one who got a prime account is more reliable than the one who doesn’t. 

In prime matchmaking, you won’t face any hackers or cheats that hackers are using. It gives an enhanced experience to players. To activate your prime on your account, you must link your phone number. If for any reason your number gets removed from your account, you’ll lose your prime account. Though there could be times when you may not have a prolific experience, but it’s worth the shot; you can ameliorate your skills for better!

I’ll try to explain briefly how to get prime csgo accounts and also answer few questions that have been circulating consistently for all these years:

How to Get Prime CSGO?

  • As I have spoken earlier, you must link your phone number with your account to attain Prime status. Verify your number on Steam and clear all challenges till level 21. By continuously playing, you will earn tons of XPs; it is Valve’s way to ensure that you’re not just a bot or a player who has just stepped into this game. 
  • Another way to acquire a csgo account is to have a Service medal. And, to have a service medal, you have to be an experienced player who has an x amount of years of service medal. Or something that authenticates your participation in an in-game event-enough to make Valve believe that you’re a skilled player. However, there are various ways; they all require you to spend your whole time in the game.  
  • If you are already a prime holder, you’ll see a tab called ‘Details’ at the top of your profile screen>choose ‘Upgrade’ situated at the bottom>link your phone number, and you’re finished!

Prime Account’s Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the questions that are asked by many:

When you buy csgo accounts, does it give you 100% protection?

Definitely not! Prime accounts are there to enhance your gaming experience; it allows fewer nuisances concocted by the hackers. Having a prime account boosts the prime matchmaking experience. Though the presence of a few hiccups can still be found on the road, by hiccups, I meant- hackers!

Even though the odds of encountering a hacker are still there, chances are they won’t be as powerful as they usually are.

Upgrading more than one account with a same number allowed?

No! Unfortunately, you can only upgrade once. 

Can a prime and a Non-Prime player play together?

You can still play with a non-prime player. Although playing with a non-prime player has one downside, you will be matched against other non-prime players.

How to get Prime csgo, if you are a newbie?

Thus far, we have put our attention on the concept of CSGO accounts and what are prime accounts; now, I’d be divulging how to get prime accounts when you’re looking for one:

  1. Firstly, you save a ton of time and physical energy.
  2. You can start with any rank that you desire.
  3. With a csgo account, you can access newer skins, weapons, drop items, and show it off!
  4. Of course, better matchmaking experience! 
  5. A Prime Account consists of experienced teammates, which means you will be teamed up with those whose goal is only to win the match.
  6. The best part about having a prime account is the non-existence of hackers & cheats. And, also, you can avoid playing with noobs.

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